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I have been thinking about whether or not to post this for several days now. I don't usually like to post about me, except maybe my great thrift finds or house renovations, but I have been feeling guilty for the past week and thought I should post a little note to apologize for my lack of comments on everyone's blogs (and on this blog for that matter). My life has been quite chaotic lately - to be brief, my boyfriend of 6 years and I have decided to take a break, so for the first time in five and a half years, I will be living on my own. In the past week I also found a new house and have been trying to buy it and have been going through hell to do so. I still don't have the house and am not hopeful that I will get it. So in the next little while, whether I end up selling my current home or not, I'm going to be pretty busy with non-blog-related stuff. I have only had enough time to publish my posts that I prepare on weekends and Jo and I have some blogging commitments coming up that I have to get ready for. So I am pretty stressed for time these days, and my apologies for not being able to visit all my favourite blogs on a daily basis. I've included some photos above of some of my favourite rooms in this house...if I end up selling I will miss this place, but I think a change would be really good right about now.


Gotta love cranberry velvet

OK, maybe some of you don't care for cranberry velvet but when I saw this couch on Craigslist I had to have it. My boyfriend and his friend picked it up for me tonight. (Thanks guys!) It was advertised as a Bauhaus sofa but that term seems to be used so loosely I figured that meant the style was Bauhaus. Turns out it is actually made by Bauhaus because it's printed all over the fabric under the seat cushions. I really have no idea what that means - if the $80 my boyfriend paid for this was a steal of the century or not. If anyone out there knows any details of Bauhaus furniture, please share...I'm very curious. (P.S. My green wall sadly will have to go.)


Been busy lately

I have been busy the last month or trying to get my backyard in some sort of reasonable state. Thanks to my dad's HUGE help, it's finally done (well, about 95% done). I hired someone to build the fence and the deck, and the rest was done by my dad and I on my Mondays off and my boyfriend helped on weekends. My dad rocks. For an old guy, he sure worked his ass off. So I figured I had to toot my own horn a bit and show you the results. (Since it's into August, the planting is at a minimum and we don't have much furniture/accessories but it's a start).

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Yes, folks, our blogroll has finally been updated. Thanks to everyone who wrote to us with links to their blogs. I think we've got a pretty good list going now, and it's subject to a couple minor changes along the way as well.

Since all of our posts feature some sort of photo, I thought I'd add photos I took yesterday of my Morrisburg antique fair finds. Nothing too exciting this time around, but my wallet is thanking me for that.


Thrifted finds in their homes

Thought you might like to have a peek at where I put all the items I found while thrifting yesterday. (I need to pick up more black spray paint - you can make anything look good with that stuff).

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