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Courtyard House

There is something about Australian Design at the moment. (Actually it's been happening for quite a few years now but I shouldn't boast.) Innovative, fresh, client driven and, well, frankly hot! It's a simple house but the glimpses of what's to come, the promise, through windows, down corridors, across courtyards entices you on into the house, leads you on while light streams in and vistas are framed. Courtyard House by Robson Rak Architects & Interior Designers

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Take it as "red"

You can definitely take it as read that I love this modern kitchen by Belgian architects B-Bis. The use of primary colours and plywood to delineate the modern insertions within this historic shell is fun and fresh. Not sure that I could do my makeup in the yellow bathroom though. Perhaps it's a bachelor pad?

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Kitchen crush

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." And how simply chic is this kitchen by interior designer Nicole Davis with its palette of white and gold? Love the mix of marble with wood and brass. If you need more than the few projects on Nicole's website then you only need explore her instagram account. I'm hooked.

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Black and brass

My obsession with black and brass continues with this glorious kitchen by Studio Ko. (Photos: Yann Deret)


Bronte house, and my dream kitchen

Dear gawd this kitchen is IT! It makes me want to take a sledgehammer to mine. Black and brass is so sexy in any application, but in a kitchen it is such a hot combination. Especially because the designer Pip Norris was smart enough not to use black countertops. I have been living a year and a half with some type of granite/quartz black stuff and it is a freaking nightmare to keep clean. These cabinets though - WOW. And the antique finish of the faucet and bathroom fixtures is incredible. The stuff that dreams are made of. (Photos: Tom Ferguson)

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