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The prettiest hexagon backspash

This is SO PRETTY! Hexagon backsplash by Finnish ceramic artist Heini Riitahuhta. Via Gloria


Kitchen envy

Why am I so attracted to old fashioned English kitchens? No bells, no whistles, appropriate to the age of the building and beautiful. I'm sure someone will ask where is the fridge and the oven and what about more storage. Perhaps they are on the other side of the room out of camera shot, perhaps not. Perhaps I'm just in love with the romance of these types of kitchens and am ignoring the practicality of everyday life with a family to feed but I don't seem to need a steam oven and a dishwasher, a cappuccino machine or a freezer drawer and drawers and drawers of gadgets. Kitchen in a Grade 1 listed almshouse in Whitechapel by Chris Dyson Architects.

Photography by Alex Jones.


Traditional with a twist

Another week, another beautiful English-style kitchen accept this time with a twist on the traditional. I love the architectural details of this period home and the kitchen by Blakes London sits perfectly within its historic shell while still having all the mod cons. Not sure what I like best ... the amazing marble island, the beautifully detailed cupboards or that super sexy tap.


Stalking envy

I want to stamp my little foot. I want to roll my eyes and hold my breath. I want to whine and whinge and say it isn't fair. I WANT this warehouse apartment. NEED this warehouse apartment. LOVE this warehouse apartment. Damn you! I can't afford the estimated $1.2 million price tag for this one bedroom apartment in my favourite inner city Sydney suburb of Redfern. (Go the Bunnies!) Severe case of stalking envy. Link here while it lasts.

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Studio Muir

Kenly Lambie Shankman of San Francisco based design firm Studio Muir creates spaces I totally want to dive head first into. Working with a structure's original details and adding some modern yet warm touches results in rooms that are unique, inviting and oh la la the attention to detail that adds an extra dose of yumminess. (Photos: Nicole Franzen)

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