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Anna Cardell extra

I'm not usually a fan of red, black and white kitchens but this one is super cute! Not sure why the stove is located where it is but hey, you gotta cook somewhere! Styled by Anna Cardell.


Alexander James - kitchens

As promised, here are some kitchens captured by the gifted photographer and my new obsession, Alexander James.

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It's been several years since I first heard about Henrybuilt kitchens. I have lusted after their kitchens from that moment on. Modern and clean lines yet they exude warmth. We don't usually blog "products" but this is more about some fabulously designed kitchens, and when the folks at Henrybuilt sent over some photos, I was more than happy to share them here (especially when I heard their new range offers more traditional and rustic options). The next time I'm due for new kitchen cabinets, I'm totally going to harass these folks to hook me up. ;)

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A little extra 

I would absolutely LOVE to have a super long dining table. AWESOME. And the lighting almost send me over the edge. Add in bookcases and chalkboard and I am having heart palpitations. 

I love a mostly modern kitchen...and then I see a kitchen like this and I want to change my mind. The moldings, the windows, the antique furniture as kitchen cabinets, and throw in that massive vintage light fixture and you've got one helluva sweet kitchen. 

Eye candy once again by Alexander James.


Rustic on the outside...

I love a little juxtaposition of old and new in my interiors. I've probably said that a thousand times. It's that element of surprise that gets me every time. This home I found on Le Case di Elixír rocks my world. Looking at the exterior, you'd never guess what was inside. Unfortunately the photos of the interior are mainly of the kitchen area but those alone did it for me. 

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