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Greenhouse living

I'm not sure this would work in my part of the world, especially in summer but now that I've seen it, I really, really want to live in a greenhouse. By Philadelphia-based Groundswell Design Group.


Outdoor spaces by Moneca Kaiser

The property my home sits on has had essentially no landscaping done in the 80 years it has existed. A couple of weeks ago we had our hydro meter replaced so now we have a pile of dirt and rocks in our front yard so it is worse than ever. As much as I would like to design my own landscaping, I really have no clue in that area. I am hopeful that when the time comes to get this work done I will be able to bring in someone to help. And I would love for that someone to be Ottawa-based Moneca Kaiser. Specializing in both interior and exterior renovations, Moneca's attention to detail and her vision and ethics always WOW me. For example, this home I featured several years ago. So I thought I would share a few of her oudoor projects that are really special. This first one, A Tea House, is my favourite.

"We don't usually have a dreamy place, a place for reflection. Rooms always have a purpose: the kitchen is for preparing food, the bedroom is to sleep in. But a backyard pagoda or tea house, now there's a room where you leave time and purpose at the entrance and let daydreams and reflection take hold." "… and that nourishes the soul as much as the kitchen feeds the body."

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A beach house in East Hampton

This is everything a luxurious beach house should be. Located on the dunes of East Hampton, this shingle style beach house is nothing but neutral and perfect for ocean-side living, with striking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Wainscott Pond. Off white, some more off white and then just a bit more off white, the spaces evoke a tranquil energy with a casual, natural vibe. Architecture and landscape design by Sawyer | Berson. (Previous features of their work here and here).

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Sun trap

A small but stylish garden in inner city Melbourne by Eckersley Garden Architecture. Pool, lush creepers, old Ash tree and privacy define the rear space while a simpler enclosed courtyard with over-scaled stone walls and limited planting makes the perfect little sun trap.



No not juicy and lip smacking. No, succulent as in the plant. An inner city Melbourne backyard has turned its back on lawn and straggly shrubs instead embracing a cutting edge, or should that be sharp, specimen garden. Urban cool to get your creative garden juices flowing by Eckersley Garden Architecture.

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