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Nathan Burkett

Last night in Ottawa it was -15 C with the windchill. And Jo is melting in 40 C heat. While we both bitch, complain and suffer, this outdoor space is exactly where I want to be right now. It is modern and sleek and such a perfect hangout for enjoying beautiful weather. I would give anything to be able to enjoy the outdoors more than 4-5 months a year. Thank you landscape designer Nathan Burkett (based in Melbourne) for making me want to cry.  

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It's a jungle out there

Crazy busy day. Crazy busy week. Driving me crazy. Oh to be sitting in this jungle like garden by Brazilian designer Alex Hanazaki. A green dream. A fantasy of foliage.

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Moar please

I've been spoilt lately. Beautiful, original content has been mine for the sharing. The team at the generalist (my new must read) have been sending me images from some of my favourite homes, like landscape architect and TV presenter Brendan Moar's home. A retrolicious, colour saturated inner Sydney terrace house brimming with art, ceramics and glass. Of course the outdoor spaces play a major role too. Check out that deck! You can read more about Brendan's home here on the generalist.

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Backyard inspiration

With the warm weather my garden is shooting away. I swear I can almost see the plants growing. Up until now my backyard has been a little hit and miss. A cutting stuck in here. An overgrown houseplant liberated into a garden bed there. It's time to get serious. It's time to channel my inner gardener. My husband and I don't want to be weekend slaves to the lawn mower. We are lucky to have old brick pavers but as they were once a driveway they cut through the space with surgical precision. It all needs a little softening. We would love rambling groundcovers or meandering paths of crushed granite. Perhaps vines and stands of bamboo. Definitely overgrown. Somewhere shady to sit. Maybe we'll break up the paving into a checkerboard of plants and bricks and gravel. Something graphic but still casual with space for a veggie bed. I've started collecting inspiration. Here are a few ideas from two of my favourite Australian landscape designers ... Eckersley Garden Architecture and Brendan Moar. I can see a trip to my garden centre very soon.

Eckersley Garden Architecture

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Stalking in a storm

At this time of the year severe electrical storms are a daily feature where I live. I'm racing a roiling storm cloud as I type this. Please excuse me if I don't stay on too long. I'd hate to fry my computer. This Northcote, Melbourne house is by FMD Architects and the garden by Eckersley Garden Architecture. Oh that lightning strick was a bit too close. I'll have to leave you to stalk this house by yourself. Link here while it lasts.

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