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Green with envy

After a long dry winter, faced with the prospect of failed summer rains and a dying garden, I sit and stare at my computer screen green with envy. Two small courtyards by Sawyer Berson. Both in New York. Both lush, moist, marvellous. I can feel a faint mist in the air, a soft breeze ruffles the leaves in the trees while cool water naps carved stone. (You may recognise the second courtyard as Julianne Moore's.)

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Dancing grass

If this garden was mine? As the day aged into late afternoon you'd find me, glass of wine in hand, listening to the wind in the trees and watching the grass dance. Peter Fudge Gardens.


Out back in the secret gardens

Just as Australian architects and interior designers are creating fabulously stylish and liveable homes our landscape designers are reworking the concept of a patch of grass weeds and a few mismatched potted plants as urban garden. Our outdoor spaces are an extension of our homes. We spend almost as much time in outside in the warmer months as in our living rooms. The boundary between inside and out is blurred and the great outdoors isn't way out in the bush. No it's just a few steps from our back door. Whenever I need inspiration for amazing urban outdoor living I just head over to Secret Gardens. It's no secret they are the best in the business.

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We received an email from a reader named Dane recently, and as today is a holiday here in Canada and I'm wishing I could be hanging out at my sister's cottage enjoying the scenery instead of home doing work and chores, I thought this was a perfect post (that might however have me in tears). Thought you would love this property. An old friend of mine Jenny Inch owns this home, she is a landscape designer (as you can tell from the images). This remains the most beautiful home I've had the pleasure of visiting, and the gardens are amazing. Enjoy! Enjoy we shall! Murrakaia is located in Dulong, Queensland, Australia and is currently for sale. It's located on 3 private acres and the home features two large bedrooms, a generous study, two bathrooms and two living areas, and it's only 90 minutes from Brisbane. The landscaping is out of this world. It's absolutely gorgeous and Jenny is obviously talented in that area. 

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Landscaping at its finest

Spring is finally here and I'm super excited to see green stuff outdoors! Seeing so much dirt and snow and dormant vegetation gets seriously depressing by the end of winter. An email from Jeffrey of Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture could not have come at a better time. I blogged his gorgeous outdoor spaces here and here, and this time he wanted to share his latest project in Shell Beach, California. It's a one-bedroom guest house with a LiveRoof and it's a DREAM. Who cares what the interior looks like when you have this outside? I'd be living outside. Just pitch me a tent somewhere...or I'll claim one of the hammocks. (Photos by Chris Leschinsky)

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