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Chair envy

Thought you might enjoy a little chair porn to get you going for the weekend. Not only is the Arne Jacobsen Egg chair one of the hottest chairs of our era (designed in 1958 and still HOT STUFF), but in walnut leather it is getting me all hot and bothered. Via KK Living, photo by Yvonne Wilhelmsen. 
P.S. If it's summer where you are and decent weather this weekend spend it outdoors while it lasts! 



While on a roll with rustic, weathered posts....there is something SOOOO GOOD about an old beat up leather chair. Via Nuevo Estilo.

Just a quick note: For those in Ottawa Sunday, it's the first ever ManMade show at Mill Street Brew Pub - with 30 dude-worthy crafty vendors selling their goods, and there will be FREE BEER!!!!

My husband Jeff has a booth for his Daff Design products (mainly vintage radios converted into Bluetooth speakers). This morning he sampled his first floor model radio to me and OMG! I think he will be bringing it to ManMade so come on out and listen to it and check the other radios out. It's going to be a BLAST! Cause craftalicious goodies AND BEER!


My new sofa 

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned on my page that I bought a new sofa, because my husband and I were sick and tired of the DIY sofa he built that we've been using for the last few years. I think the new sofa is pretty funky and will go with the theme I want for the new house we are hoping to build next year. Here is the photo I snapped at the store.

I LOVE brown leather that looks better with age, and this one I hope will age beautifully. We had it delivered a few days after purchasing it, and I had Friday off so I prettied up the living room and took some photos. Now, it's a bit of a large sofa for our tiny living room but I don't care, as we hope to not be in this house much longer, and it's SO much more comfortable than the last one. I re-decorated the space with items I had around the house, because I don't want to purchase any more stuff (I have too much crap!) until the new house. I thought the space above the sofa, while empty all this time, kind of looked bare (maybe I'm just tiring of my forest mural) so I found 2 pieces to hang there. Not ideal but the wall was making me crazy sans art. Eventually I'd love maybe some Australian aboriginal art (in black and white) above it. Anyhoo, here it is. 

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Freedom Autumn 2011 

More sneak peeks from Freedom's Autumn 2011 collection. Remember this is not released until mid March when you'll get to check out all its loveliness in the catalogue or in store. After yesterday's brights today it is all farmhouse linen, recycled timber, white with stainless steel and lush leather. Favourites? Love the Sommerfield sofa chic with its laundered soft-touch linen/cotton, the old school architect's office vibe of the Journal occasional pieces and the Providore stainless steel topped table. 

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Men and their leather couches

Michele wrote in the other day looking for a bit of help: "After much negotiation (and compromise on my part) my husband got the leather couch of his dreams, but I am finding it hard to find inspiration on the web for how to decorate around a dark leather couch in order to make the room look fresh and light as opposed to looking like a men's club or cigar lounge. Perhaps I am asking for too much. I noticed you don't have a "Leather" category so I was wondering if I could give you a nudge because I could really use the help!". Here is a photo Michele sent in which I was pretty relieved to see because at least the couch has clean lines.

I went through my photo stash and came up with some dark leather (and fabric) couches in living rooms that hopefully can provide inspiration to Michele and anyone else out there who was convinced by their significant other to jump on the leather couch bandwagon. I'm seeing a spicy colour on the wall behind the sofa, with jewel toned pillows, a beige with brown spotted cowhide rug and a mid-brown (teakish) wood coffee table, or glass. It's not as difficult as you may think.

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