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Villa Gemmayze

Colour, modern furnishings and patterned tile makes this 500 m² home in Beirut, Lebanon designed by architect Annabel Karim Kassar pretty spectacular. The starting point for the interior of the color-rich home in Beirut was inspired from a palm tree standing in front of the house, its orange dates and its very green leaves. In the midst of Gemmayze, an old, traditional quarter of the city, full of Venetian style buildings, where bars and restaurants are all buzz at night, the heart of the house is vibrant and dramatic. Pink, orange, green and checkered, the walls are a statement that shouts color as they are transformed into "designer pieces" themselves. Furniture carefully designed and picked out, oversize lampshades and geometric patterned flooring all stand strong enough and hold their own against all that color, where anything quieter would have been drowned out.(Photos: Ray Main)