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A blank canvas, an empty page to be written on with life's experiences and daily detritus. A place on which to put one's stamp. Pure and puritan. Asymmetrical and multidimensional. Open plan and yet connected. Modern living in the Old Town and New Town, Vilnius by Lithuanian design firm Inblum.

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Latest issue of Llamas' Valley

Thanks to Alge of interactive online magazine Llamas' Valley for sending over photos of their new summer issue. It looks fab! The edition includes an exclusive interview with one of the world’s top architects, Teresa Sapey. It also pays a visit to the home of British film director and actor Dexter Fletcher, and talks with Dutch entrepreneur and co-founder of Mars One Bas Lansdorp about his ambitious project to establish the first human colony on Mars.

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Love this space!

Check out this vintage, rustic, eclectic space featured in the latest issue of Lithuanian e-mag Lamų slėnis. Lovin' the photography and post-processing too. 


From Lithuania

Back in January I blogged about a new e-magazine from Lithuania called Lamų slėnis (Llamas' Valley). The photography is spectacular, so I thought I'd do an encore and show you photos from one of their latest issues. (I just noticed they have a new issue out a couple days ago - might need to do another post!)

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Llamas' valley

I had plans for a post today but due to some totally inconvenient technical difficulties I had to come up with something else. A little while ago we received an email and I thought I'd share it with you today as Plan B. It comes from Alge: I would like to present you our e-magazine "Llamas' valley". Our motto is: perfect places / imperfect people. We write about interior design, decor, art, fashion, food. We started with six Lithuanian issues of the magazine, and we have published the first English edition just before Christmas. Our team consists of 3 members: that would be me, I'm the editor, my husband Eligijus is a designer, and our friend Augis makes the beautiful images. LOVE it. And love that motto. Here are some photos to get you hooked.

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