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I love everything about this space. Black and white main colour scheme, graphic art, little bits of orange, large coffee table for vignetting....

This view isn't so great because those pouffy stools are kind of hideous but the rest rocks.

{ photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank}



This is on my list of favourite living rooms of all time. Despite the fact that it could use a bit more seating, it's fabulous. Bright and funky and sorta punky. :-) (via Lonny)



There is a freshness, a lightness, a zing about Mercer INTERIOR's work. Dark, cluttered and dowdy becomes casually elegant with layers of texture, luxe mixed with rough. Rooms shed their frumpiness and come to life. Young, vibrant and fun. Because we all love a before and after on Desire to Inspire when Elizabeth Mercer Aurandt asked if we'd like to see what the rooms looked like before she wove her magic I jumped at the offer. Wow! (Photos by Emily Gilbert.)

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Design inspirations from Poland

We received the following email recently from Ewelina: I am a young interior designer from Poland (Europe), taking my first steps in designing. It's not easy in my country to change peoples' mind and attitude as far as interior design is concerned. Many people still don't care how they live, but hopefully it's changing, slowly but still it is. Ewelina sent along photos of 2 of her projects which I'd love to share with our readers. (Check out the second one, my favourite, after the jump).

First set of photos is my latest project of a living room combined with kitchen. It's an old apartment, so it required to be change almost entirely.The only thing that hasn't been changed so much, is the kitchen. Before the renovation the kitchen had olive-green colour, so that the room seemed to be sad and dark. Thanks to the great material that it is made of (oak) I decided to change only the colour, despite it would be much easier and cheaper to make a new kitchen. All the shelves where hand-painted!. It took a lot of work form my carpenter :) The living space has a silk curtains and cushions, and a silver and glass accessories, such as table and the bracket next to the door. One of my favourite thing in this interior is a crystal table lamp, it gives romantic, warm light.

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Some favourite living rooms of 2010

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