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My favourite living rooms of '08 - part 1

I will be posting over the next few days my favourite photos of the year, by room type. The living rooms from this year (and by this year I mean that I've saved on Flickr since Jan 1 '08) that have inspired me are below - half of them anyway, as I found too many for just one post.

I was going to say which one of the bunch really turns my crank but there's something in each one that I adore, like grey paint, photography as art, patchwork sofas, glossy sky blue floors, mid-century/hollywood regency vibes, bare light bulbs, coffee tables made of thick pieces of timber...

Bolig MagasinetDesign*Sponge
Pieter EstersohnHans Zeegers
Oberto GiliJanne Peters


Loungey sofa

This is another of my posts researched for purely selfish reasons. Seems I am on the market for yet another new sofa. This time I think I (with some help) will make one. I have ALWAYS wanted a low and loungey mattress-type sofa, considering 98% of the time I spend on my sofa I'm sprawled out with my laptop or watching TV. Something super comfy is just what I need. My fifties vintage turquoise sofa is not jiving at all with the new kitchen, and it's not big enough for 2 to cuddle on. I found quite a few examples of lounge sofas in my photo stash and I'm hoping in the near future I will be the proud owner of one.

Bo BedreElle Decoration SA
Dan DucharsAnn Lindberg
Ken HaydenShoot Factory


Random on a Thursday

I am STILL super busy, and after tomorrow my life should be back to it's usual hectic pace. I have a ton of stuff to get done today, and tonight I am going to see my coworker Jack and his wife Shannon (Jupiter Ray Project) perform at the National Arts Centre. I thought I'd give them a plug because their music is awesome and Jack has been on parental leave since March and I miss him. Anyway, while I scarfed down breakfast I went through my sister's photo stash and found some random photos for a Thursday.


Random on a Tuesday

I mentionned in my post yesterday that I'm really REALLY busy this week. So when I have a moment to spare here and there I will post some random photos. Here are some living rooms that caught my eye in my photo stash.


Barn conversion inspiration

Penny wrote us recently with what I'd have to say is the toughest request yet: "In the next few months, I am going to begin renovating a big barn on my property in France to turn into a "great room" (kitchen/living room). I have been trying to collect photos from magazines with modern kitchens/living rooms in renovated barns, but I have only come across a few. Do you have any such photos that you could post on your blog?" The simplest answer to Penny's question is no. But what I did find are photos of lofty spaces that are multi-purpose, that might help with ideas on layout. Penny - are you ever lucky! A barn conversion would be a blast! Hope this helps get your creative juices flowing.

Åsberg Interiör & Styling Eugeni Pons
fernlund + logan Film Locations
Gorlin Architects Nelson Kon
New York Social Diary The New York Times
Philippe Starck Shoot Factory
Style at Home Toshiko Mori
Urban Spaces William Hefner
House of Pictures Lagerlings