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Help for a chick's pad

This reader request comes from Lia: "I take possession next week of a little urban cottage in Overbrook. I have pretty much no cash to do much of anything, but have to do some renos (redo hardwood throughout; upgrade electrical; paint, of course). I had a designer give me a hour's consulation re: colours, but beyond that . . . I'm on my own. I'd like the place to reflect my artsy bent and be a sanctuary for my daughter and I. Do you have any ideas for a space of about 800 square feet, including an eat-in kitchen (70's style brown wood-type cabinets, I'll keep the linoleum for now, 10 by 14 feet), 12 by 14 foot living with with non-functional fireplace (brown brick and slate), the smallest bathroom possible (with pink and black tiles with white toilet and walk-in bath - that will have to be replaced), and a bedroom for myself (12 by 9) and for my three-year-old (10 by 9)? Do you have any images of cottage-sized, girl-pretty places?" What dug around my photo stash and found all sorts of small-ish spaces with a girly touch, which hopefully will inspire Lia to create a gorgeous little home for her and her daughter. A chick pad. :) I found enough photos for 2 posts so here are some living rooms and bathrooms and tomorrow will be kitchens and bedrooms.

Bolig Magasinet design*sponge
Sally Conran Martha Stewart

jj Locations
The Cross Decor & Design
Marie Claire MaisonHouse to Home
House to Home
House to Home
Tara Larkin
Living Etc.

The New York Times Bolig Magasinet
Apartment Therapy Domino

House to Home


Some favourite living rooms of 2009

These are some of my ultimate living/lounge rooms. I love that they are very casual, and beckon you to come in and put your feet up. Some are rustic and earthy which I am always drawn to. And all are bathed in neutrals - white/beige/cream with timber flooring and some great rugs.

Guido Barbagelata
Bates Masi Architects
Atlanta Bartlett
Robert Gervais


Casually draped sofas

Lately I have been seeing alot of sofas simply draped in pieces of fabric or loosely slipcovered and I really love the casual and comfortable vibe this produces. It's a wonderful money-saving solution to anyone with a hand-me-down sofa whose upholstery may be less than desirable. My favourite is when draped with a huge piece of cream coloured linen. I love easily wrinkled fabrics and this has the effect of "come take a leap on here, throw your feet up and call the dog/S.O. up to snuggle with you". This idea can also easily have a messy and cheap look but if the rest of the room is filled with natural and casual items then it can work. It's a great way to get a different look with each season as well - light linen in the summer and faux fur in the winter (I love the photo with the fur below).

Apartment Therapy Domino
Penny Wincer Canadian House & Home
Polly Wreford Trine Thorsen
Atlanta Bartlett Jocelyne Beaudoin

House of Pictures
Nick Bowers
Beach Studios
Robert Gervais
House to Home
Marie Claire Maison
Jordi Canosa
Home Portfolio
Hus & Hem
Pippa Jameson
Hus & Hem


Studio AV Inc.

Steve wrote us recently with the following: "I’ve been a big fan of the website since a friend turned me onto it last year. Lots of inspiration for my slow house remodel project. In the meantime, though, you may like some pics of our office and some of the projects we work on. We’re a high-end audio/video/security/control systems integration firm in Bozeman, Montana, US. While there are lots of businesses who offer similar services to us, we take pride in working closely with architects, interior designers, home builders, furniture builders, electricians, and owners to ensure a clean, aesthetic installation. Definitely check out the Studio AV Offices section in the portfolio." I did just that and loved the raw, industrial loft space and cool furnishings. See below.

Here are a few photos from their portfolio of spaces they've done installations in.


I'm lovin'....

Ok, I'm still thinking about bookshelves and this room certainly isn't lacking in the bookshelf department. I adore this space. So light and airy and the furniture is so plush you would just sink into it after grabbing a book from the shelves. What a smart idea to break it up a bit with a space for a tall mirror. And don't even get me started on that light fixture...