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Simplicity and refinement

Simplicity and refinement, in shades of black, grey and white. A beautiful and strong combination that always wins. And now I am rethinking painting my yellow hardwood again. *sigh* Via JJ Locations

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Vintage on white

I am not usually a fan of white walls but in this case, when the home is filled with earthy colours and textures brought in with vintage furnishings complete with peeling paint, it works. Really really well. I love this location house available via Shoot Factory.

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Down on the farm

OK so I'm not sure it's a farm just a farm house but what a perfect home to grow a family. Layers of living. Life's little treasures strewn here and there. The old and the new. Gumboots and four legged friends and concrete floors. Plaid and beams and bingo cards. Just bliss. Kent farmhouse from jj Locations.

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I find raw, industrial spaces very inspiring. Location shoot venues are my favourites as they are typically filled with some of the most random bits of furniture and oddities (ie. a pommel horse, because you never know what type of photo shoot or movie might need that!). Shoot Factory has some of the most eclectic and quirky industrial spaces around so I went through their site and picked out some spaces that really stood out. Now I want to go thrifting!!

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White and bright

I love my dark grey living room (you will see more of that in the next post) and hope to have a mostly dark walled house when I am done with it, but really bright and white spaces still do it for me. Here is a home available through 1st Option that is such a beautiful blank canvas. Love those windows with shutters!!!

P.S. If you have pets on furniture submissions please send them to kim[at]desiretoinspire[dot]net

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