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Living large and vertically in London

My love for British architecture and grandeur is still going strong, so I had to share this new property on the Shoot Factory location home roster. Almost 9,000 sq ft with 6 bedrooms over 6 floors, the architecture inside and out just blows my mind. The decor is a random mix of awesome and questionable pieces but dear lawd, THERE IS SO MUCH SPACE TO WORK WITH! It's so crazy that every stair landing has enough space that they are like separate little rooms. OMG!! 

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Lavishly French

Essentially the opposite of my last post which was modern and minimalist, this home is about as grand, lavish and French as it gets! The French Rooms is available as a location space through and is two rooms occupying the reception floor of an imposing Victorian villa. Furnished with the finest French antiques, opulent fabrics and exquisite treasures, it's not exactly decor I would want to live with 24/7 but I sure would love a weekend visit - without the herd of cats!

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A drop-dead gorgeous location home

What can I say about this drop-dead gorgeous location home from 1st Option other than it's scrumptious from end to end, top to bottom, inside and out. Every wall colour used is spot on, the kitchen is so spacious and THAT ISLAND!, and I really have no words for that bedroom, ensuite and walk-in closet. UN. REAL. 

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A mid-century modern location home

Mid-century modern architecture always makes my design juices flow and this home is doing just that. A location home available via jj Locations, it is so open flows beautifully and THOSE WINDOWS! The decor could be SO much better so I am sitting here re-decorating it over and over in my head. Built by the architecture company Edgley Design, Pear Tree House was shortlisted for the Stephen Lawrence prize and awarded a RIBA London Award in 2015. The house has been built around a 100 year old pear tree, which was once part of a Victorian fruit orchard, creating an internal courtyard bringing light and air to the centre of the building. The house is long and thin, and the layout is arranged around the changing light of the day with the lowered snug in the centre of the building forming cosy retreat with views out into the garden. The building was designed to blend into its wooded back land context as far as possible and views through the building are defined by slender vertical elements which echo the experience of looking through trees. The ground floor walls are cast in concrete with vertical timber and contrast the polished concrete floor creating abstracted reflections. The house features crafted joinery made from oak veneered ply with brass detailing. Two handmade chandeliers, hang in the double height void spaces at either end of the glass link. The smooth ply finish staircases create dramatic, naturally lit spaces from the roof lights above.

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When bits of colour shine against white

I love this Victorian home I found via jj Locations. Bright white walls and painted floors make the perfect backdrop for subtle bits of colours added through vintage mid century chairs, art, a touch of wallpaper and accessories. Yes, I apparently have a thing with Victorian homes in the UK. They are always fabulous. 

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