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Lakeside lair

Moody and brooding. Modern masculine with a touch of retro. Wood on the walls and mah jong sofa on the floor. A stylish lair for entertaining and relaxing. And then there is the water. Lakes 1 via Airspace locations.

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Quirky in London

Dare to go bold. This three story Victorian home in London is about as quirky and eclectic as they come. A very random assortment of furnishings and artwork, some creative uses for wallpaper, some really beautiful lighting and an Ikea kitchen within a structure filled with original detail makes me love this. I could spend an weekend here rearranging and dreaming.... Location home available via Shoot Factory

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When can I move in?!

I really love my house in the city. But I sometimes get tired of hearing city buses whizzing by, or helicopters coming in for a landing (I live right across the street from a hospital). This old rectory in the UK is an absolute delight, and I would pack up and move here in an instant. The kitchen and huge butlers pantry are so utterly perfect I am having heart palpitations. Welcome to my dream home. Available as location home via Shoot Factory

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Shabby chic done soooo right

I featured this glorious home quite some time ago via JJ Locations and it turned out to be the home of super talented interiors photographer Debi Treloar. It seems to have had a bit of an update since then so I thought you might want to have another look. This is why I need a cottage - where I can get away with painting everything white, and filling it with all good things thrifted. This is what I want to dream about on a warm and sunny summer Sunday. :)

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This is HOT!

OMG this U.K. apartment in a Victorian manor is HOT!!! High ceilings, period features, floor to ceiling windows the décor is a fusion of gothic, classic and contemporary design with sensual heritage colours, detailed corniche, wallpapered ceilings, tarnished metalics, animal skins and prints. Call me crazy, but I now want to go find a birdcage and some gold chain... Location space available via Shoot Factory
P.S. If you're in the Ottawa area, come down to the Bell Sensplex for the final day of the Handmade Harvest craft show. My husband has a booth (Daff Design) so I will be there hanging out with him and trying not to buy more goodies. I could not help myself today - such good stuff!

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