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Hello yellow

Love the tasty squeeze of yellow in this UK kitchen from jj Locations. Love the industrial elements, the zinc, the floors.


Subtle beauty

Simple. Scandi. Subtle. Sublime. A restrained hand and a retrained palette. Barefaced British beauty from jj Locations.

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Eclectic on a Sunday

While I try and snap out of my cottage coma (wow, a day of fresh air can do wonders), please enjoy this funky, eclectic location home I found via 1st Option. It is a mid-century chair porn delight, with really beautiful architecture as so many British homes have. Also could not help but notice the flooring throughout...*sigh*. 

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The old vicarage

"Tom just shook his head when I painted the entry hall. The kids tell everyone mummy ran out of purple paint. It's not purple by the way. It's Evening Shadow." I'd barely crossed the threshold and I knew I was going to like her. "Come into the kitchen. Don't mind the mess." If she only knew what my kitchen looked like! I could hear small feet thumping up the stairs and stomping across the floor above. "Don't worry. They're just acting out because I told them to be good while you were here. They'll be down and sweat as pie when they know there is cake." She turned around and smiled, placing a slightly lopsided carrot cake on the table. "How long have you lived here?" I asked. "Feels like forever. It's only been three years. Tea?"

Making up stories again to match this wonderful old vicarage from jj LOCATIONS.

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More loft love

OMG how I love this loft!!! It is a former carpet store located in Barcelona, 170 m2 of absolute dreaminess and is rented out as a location space. Those massive black framed windows are so beautiful and create so much light. How a bit sad that the entire ceiling was painted white though. Via Shoot 115.

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