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Table tennis anyone?

"Why, oh why, have two dining tables so close to each other?" we hear readers lament on occasion on the blog. "It's a bit pretentious." "They will never use them." "It's all for show." Well not in this kitchen. They're for table tennis. (And large dinner parties and for the 14 children they have. Just kidding.) Wonderful kitchen. Wonderful home in Battersea, London via Airspace Locations.

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Déjà vu

I knew it was familiar. I knew I'd seen it before. Not the living area. No, turn around. It's the kitchen. And that table. And those windows, those glorious windows. We all love clicking through the listings on our favourite location sites. It's a bit like real estate stalking. I'd never seen a house before that I recognised though until I saw this place. They filmed Jamie's 30-Minute Meals here. I must confess that my attention was only half given over to Jamie Oliver's cooking whenever I watched the program. I was scoping out the kitchen and trying to imagine what was outside those wonderful windows. Now I know. Faith House via Airspace Locations.

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A church conversion in London

Yes folks, it is another church conversion here on DTI, because Jo and I love a good conversion and churches have such incredible, dramatic architecture. This church is 19th century with a gothic vibe, and features 4 bedrooms each with their own bathrooms, a specially commissioned kitchen, hand painted columns, gloriously huge arched windows, blackened oak herringbone floor (dying over this!!) and a small courtyard. This is by far one of my favourite church conversions we have featured. A new location on the Shoot Factory roster. 

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Ssshhh ...

It's quiet here. The kids and their dad are off doing those weekend autumn sports that guarantee muddy boot prints on old tiles on return. The light is soft and the peace is palpable. The tick tock of a mantle clock, the crack of well seasoned log in the fireplace. I've been tinkering with recipe books and pots and pans but my hearts not in it. Instead I think I'll nestle in with those magazines I haven't had a chance to read. Ssshhh ... I'm daydreaming. This is my country house. A Grade II listed 17th Century farmhouse with Victorian editions in Hertfordshire, England via jj Locations. Don't you know that everything old is new again?

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When it is not about the decor

This is one of those rare occasions where I feature a home that is lacking in the decor department but the architecture and finishes more than make up for it. All of the black painted trim/stairs/doors, the tile foyer floor, the stained glass front entrance, THE PERFECT KITCHEN, the wide plank flooring, and the tiled bathrooms make this home a dream. Then add in all of your favourite artwork and vintage furnishings and BAM! New on the Shoot Factory roster.  

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