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The latest from Inside Out

Don't you just love flipping through the pages of a magazine for inspiration? Oh and eye candy. Definitely eye candy! The latest issue of Inside Out is bursting at the seams with both. Managing Editor Lee Tran Lam sent me this sneak peek and I can't wait to see more when this issue is out on Thursday.

The home belongs to a family of five, and manages to still be both kid-friendly and a house that you'd totally place on your wish list. It's designed to withstand the lively impact of three boys, but being child-proof doesn't necessarily mean having to throw covers over everything and locking up all your favourite things. In fact, some family-friendly details happen to be clever design ones – such as the Bolon flooring tiles in the playroom, which make for a striking interlocking pattern on the ground, but also happens to keep stains and spills out (yes, you can accidentally knock over some food on this floor and there will be no "this house is ruined"-style repercussions or grief). Other eye-catching details include the recessed timber wall in the main bedroom that acts like the ultimate bedhead. That's just a few of the many things to love about this home (as you can see)! Styling by Emma O'Meara. Photography by Nikole Ramsay.

(The home is the latest in Inside Out's "Open For Inspection" series. Thanks to Bugaboo they opened up this Geelong house to a series of guests and filmed a tour of the space, for people who weren't able to trek out to this corner of Victoria ... like me. You can keep an eye out for a detailed visit soon at

Don't worry if you aren't in Australia and can't get your hands on a copy of the magazine. You can read along on  ZinioGoogle Play, the Apple Newsstand and Nook.

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Openhouse Magazine

There is a new magazine out there and this one should be added to your subscribe list. OPENHOUSE Magazine is a twice yearly publication, that looks to bright, creative people from around the world, that open their homes or their private spaces to the public, to make different activities about gastronomy, art and design. In the current issue we talk to Jermome Waag, head chef at Chez Panisse, about what he likes to cook at home for his friends in his time off. In a small village in the italian countryside, Attillio and Paola live in the old Cinema Flora, and regularly open their doors for film nights. We take a peek into the Freunde von Freunden Apartment in Berlin, that takes shape as an office, event space and a cosy apartment for occasional overnight guests. Amaryllis Jacobs has made her wonderful home in Brussels into a twice yearly gallery space, Maniera, for architect designed pieces.....among others. I especially love this first loft space - the plant filled TV hang out space is amazing!!! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. Definitively one to leave out on the coffee table. (Photos: Carlos Chavarría, Lucrecia Althabe, Mari Luz Vidal, Maria Teresa Furnari)

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Inside Out's Colour issue

My monthly email from Inside Out magazine's Managing Editor Lee Tran Lam landed in my inbox and I got colour bombed! It's time for their April Colour issue with its two covers and promises to be a rainbow kaleidoscope of fun interiors.

There's one unapologetically vibrant home that I think you'll love ... It belongs to stylist, retailer and international pilot LeeAnn Yare, and her home is an express trip through a memorable world of colour. (I love that she waited until her husband Glen went away surfing before setting out to paint the living area black – seize the day, indeed!) A leftover wallpaper roll gets a second life as bright harlequin-style patterns multiplying across her kitchen island bench, while even her children's bathroom is decorated with Florence Broadhurst motifs. My favourite example of her wonderfully unreformed love of decoration is her office space, where the a vintage-looking carpet is cut into a cowhide shape and her walls have rejected anything resembling a blank space – the surfaces are covered in stretches and patchworks of wallpaper – she says it's like working inside a gigantic moodboard! LeeAnn styled the story and it was photographed by Larnie Nicolson

Wow! Can't wait to see more in this month's issue out tomorrow. Don't fret if you aren't in Australia though. You can read along on  ZinioGoogle Play,  the Apple Newsstand and Nook.

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Norwegian inspiration

Before I dash off to another day of craziness at the Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market to help with hubby's Daff Design booth, I wanted to share these spaces from Norwegian magazine KK Living that left me drooling all over my keyboard. I particularly adore the home of Line Evensen featured in the photos before the jump - such a wonderfully eclectic mix of styles that is so random it works. (Photos by Yvonne Wilhelmsen, Anja Ka, Helena Blom, Nina Ruud)

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Inside Out and my dream warehouse

Every month an email arrives from Inside Out magazine's Managing Editor Lee Tran Lam and every month I get excited. The sneak peeks from inside the latest issue of the magazine are always amazing. Today she sent my dream home. I have wanted this particular space ever since I first spotted it in a previous incarnation as Lynda Gardener's home. Now it belongs to someone else (boo hoo not me) and I think I love it even more.

This is the home of artist Saskia Folk – whose "pick and mix style" is encapsulated by all the highly original items tucked into her place. There's a couch decked in "country check", a giant ice-cream light guarding the bottom of her stairs, a kitchen island bench made from old basketball flooring and kitchen cabinetry constructed from old meter boxes found in the Australian outback. Styling by Heather Nette King, photography by Derek Swalwell, from March issue of Inside Out.

Saskia you'll have to move out because I'm moving on in! Can't wait to see more in this month's issue out tomorrow. Don't fret if you aren't in Australia though. You can read along on  ZinioGoogle Play,  the Apple Newsstand and Nook.

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