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Simply some pretty photos...

...from Sköna hem, the first photo being my favourite. I love multiple patterns mixed together for an eclectic look. Total eye candy.

Jo, queen of West German pottery, this one's for you:


Swedish love

Since I can't get enough of the ethereal beauty of Swedish interiors, I give you more heavenly photos from the Swedish magazine Sköna hem.


Those Italians are some smart

I was perusing the website of Elle Decor Italia and I found some new photos I wanted to post, which are below, but first I have to post this one because it really caught my attention:

What fabulous organized clutter. It's like tiny little display boxes for all your favourite trinkets and papers and books. I think the shelving looks like the Ikea Billy CD tower. Since the CD towers have adjustable shelves, you could set it up to fit all sorts of sizes of items, like in the photo. Anyway, it's just a thought. Now back to the rest of the photos.


Cuckoo for colour

Are you considering painting bright colours in your home? If so, let the following photos of a penthouse in Montréal be of inspiration to you. These may be OTT for alot of people, but it takes courage to use bright colours, and these folks could not be more courageous or adventurous.

Photos courtesy of Décormag


Sköna hem

Found a website for a Swedish magazine called sköna hem. OH LA LA.