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Chicago Home

Found an excellent website for Chicago Home magazine. Below is a selection of my favourite photos, with some eclectic modern art and lighting to die for.


Belle fotografie

Some gorgeous photos from Elle Decor Italia.


More photos from Denmark

Here are some more photos from one of my favourite websites, Bolig Magasinet. The colours are so bright and cheerful, and the quality of the photographs is so stunning that I soooo want to go get myself a new camera. Not that my photos could ever look as beautiful...


Máxima Interiores

Here are some fabulous interiors (but sadly not very good quality photos) from a Portugese website.



I was telling a new co-worker of mine the other day that I always forget to keep my eye out for good french decor magazines, and considering this is a bilingual city (Québec is just across the river), there are many french magazines available here. The next day she came to work with a stack of magazines called Décormag to lend me. It's a great magazine out of Montreal and generally caters to folks who don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a light fixture or a chair. In the majority of the photos you can spot pieces from Ikea. I will be checking out this magazine from now on when I see it in stores. (Thanks Helen!)