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Drew Barrymore rocks

Several bloggers have already posted about Drew Barrymore being in the latest issue of Domino but I had to post about it as well because a) she ROCKS, and b) someone from Domino asked us to. The story is about the office of her L.A.-based production company, Flower Films, and how she enlisted the fabulous Ruthie Sommers to decorate it. I LOVE IT - lots of fun colours and lots of vintage finds. Right up my alley. I'm SO buying this issue.


From Russia with Love

Many of the spaces featured in Russian magazine Salon Interior are a bit too over the top for my taste, but I did find some photos that are a little more streamlined and modern, young and fresh. And just lovely - like Louis Ghost armchairs with a brick wall for a backdrop. YEAH!!


My favourite Canadian magazine

I've subscribed to a few Canadian shelter magazines for several years and my favourite has always been Canadian House & Home. If you can get your hands on one, do check it out. Their website is fantastic as well and has a great gallery of photos from past issues where I found these...

Feb272008 long as it's not snow

I am sick of winter, snow, cold, slush, ice etc. etc. I like colour because it warms up a space. If I had alot of white in my home, I imagine it would feel very cold in the winter, adding to the cold outside. But these photos from Sköna hem are beautiful in all their Scandinavian whiteness.


Design Book Magazine

We received an email the other day from Terrence, a former advertiser on DTI who is currently working on developing an online magazine called Design Book dedicated to trend setting & contemporary architectural, interior, product and fashion design. He is gathering a group of contributors for the debut issue, so if any writers, designers, or photographers are interested in contributing their design views to his publication, please check out Design Book Magasine.