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2 cool danish pads

I found a couple amazing house tours on the site of Danish magazine Bo Bedre, and because I couldn't decide which to post, I decided to post both. The first is white, white, white, with some red accents for some drama.

The second one I may like a teeny bit more than the first. It's quite the opposite - a neutral space with lots of warm earth tones and a modern ethnic vibe.


Must must must must must

Run out now and grab the latest edition (May June) of Inside Out. I cannot begin to sing the praises of this Australian magazine. Honestly I believe it is one of the best shelter magazines out there and this brand new edition has me jumping up and down. I've taken a couple of photos of my copy to let you in on what's in store for you. The cover tells you that Liza Giles is inside (yes I know that we've all been salivating over her home since it appeared in Swedish Elle Interior) but wait there's more. OMG the New York apartment of Australian stylist Sibella Court and the über cool Greenwich Village digs of Aussie Andrew Egan (just a taste in the last pic).

Go now. Camp outside your favourite international magazine vendor's stall and buy yourself a copy. As we say here in Australia - do yourself a favour! It has nothing to do with my own obsession with bus rolls. I swear! (Click on the pictures for their full gorgeousness.)



Some gorgeous interiors from French Canadian magazine Décormag. I'm loving the first 2 photos...such amazing classic furnishings in such bold colours (I covet that sofa/chesterfield).



Cookie, a magazine geared towards mothers, covers all the bases - style and beauty, travel, food, entertainment...but most importantly, they've got AMAZING house tours. Here are some of my favourite house tour photos.


Drew Barrymore rocks

Several bloggers have already posted about Drew Barrymore being in the latest issue of Domino but I had to post about it as well because a) she ROCKS, and b) someone from Domino asked us to. The story is about the office of her L.A.-based production company, Flower Films, and how she enlisted the fabulous Ruthie Sommers to decorate it. I LOVE IT - lots of fun colours and lots of vintage finds. Right up my alley. I'm SO buying this issue.