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The perfect kitchen

This kitchen may be familiar to many of you if you follow Beth Kirby's blog Local Milk or Instagram. I had to feature it here because this may be my favourite kitchen. EVER. Designed by the incredibly talented Jersey Ice Cream Co.We managed to keep the existing cabinet frames by altering them, making new doors, and giving everything a fresh coat of paint. We popped in a "new" old window and built a custom range hood, plus floating shelves from reclaimed late-19th-century factory beams, and an island and additional table from old barn siding. Beth went to Atlanta to pick out a slab of marble for the counters and had a beautiful Lacanche range delivered. Then we finished up with plastered walls (half polished, half hand combed), antique brass drawer pulls from Restore in Philadelphia, and a beautiful old French faucet Tara found on eBay.

A before photo. GROSS. 


Another before photo...


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A traditional green, marble and brass kitchen 

I found this deVOL kitchen the other day on JJ Locations and I was completely shocked to discover how much I really REALLY love it. It could be because living in a traditional home for a couple of years now is rubbing off on me, or the fact that my kitchen can barely fit 2 people standing in it so anything roomy makes me envious. This kitchen is situated in a 1846 Victorian in London, and while I would consider changing a couple of things (that sofa in the corner isn't working - I love the idea of a settee just not that one, the table is missing a bench and I would paint out the inside of that hutch black and fill it with white dishes), this is the best take on a traditional kitchen I think I have ever seen. I don't even really like green and I love this. Crazy! 


Kitchen perfection in black, white, marble and brass

When modern mixes with classical design, and black, white, brass and marble comes together to create the most incredible kitchen. That antique painting is ideal in this space and makes the brass details pop. I could not love this kitchen more. Except if it were mine. A Jason Arnold project fit for a queen. (Photos: Alyssa Rosenheck)

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Saturday get-together

Saturdays are for leisurely get-togethers with friends. Breakfast and a large cup of coffee to get the body in gear. (You know that Aussies can't function without their cappuccino, flat white or latte fix in the morning.) Late brunch because last night went on a little too long. Even a cocktail hour wind down after a long day of doing nothing much. I'd love if this espresso and cocktail bar was just down the road from my gaff. I'd certainly be on a first name basis with the staff. Love the marble hex tile creeping up the exposed brick wall and the reclaimed brass shelving designed to look like a bar cart suspended from the ceiling. Holborn Grind, London by Biasol: Design Studio.

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Kitchen crush

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." And how simply chic is this kitchen by interior designer Nicole Davis with its palette of white and gold? Love the mix of marble with wood and brass. If you need more than the few projects on Nicole's website then you only need explore her instagram account. I'm hooked.

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