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Hotel Chelsea

DAYUM!!!! I could stare at these first 2 photos allllll day. There is nothing I love more than a dark, dramatic, sexy space. And folks, this is a spot-on example of being able to create dark and dramatic without having to paint walls black. In this case the dark really pops against the white. And I typically hate white walls. Ultra fabulous work by Chicago designer Kara Mann

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Sophisticated 70s 

It seems that most Mondays I want to run away. I never seem to be able to face the new working week. Today I want to be wandering through the marble halls of interior designer Caroline Legrand's Ibiza pad. A monochromatic palette, sophisticated 70s pieces and texture on texture. Brown and beige never looked so cool.

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Traditional with a twist

Another week, another beautiful English-style kitchen accept this time with a twist on the traditional. I love the architectural details of this period home and the kitchen by Blakes London sits perfectly within its historic shell while still having all the mod cons. Not sure what I like best ... the amazing marble island, the beautifully detailed cupboards or that super sexy tap.


Spaces of note by Luigi Rosselli

EPIC BATHROOM!!! I want to stare at this the rest of the day.

This marble is unbelievably beautiful. And with a thin profile it could not be more perfect in this kitchen. 

There is nothing fancy about this dining room but the combo of the Thonet chairs, pale yellow walls, and light fixture are simply yummy, and then you look up and BAM!

These chunky stairs. That glass framed wall. The tumbling block tile. YES YES YES. 

If I ever decide I want a graphic backsplash, THIS IS IT. 

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Kelly McGuill update

It has been an eternity since Jo featured some spaces by Boston-based interior designer Kelly McGuill. In all that time it seems her style has become more subdued with a bit more rustic and elegant elements. And I love every bit of these rooms. The neutral colour schemes are so soothing and I am absolutely in love with this first kitchen, which happens to be Kelly's, and THAT GREY CARRARA MARBLE IS MY JAM!!!

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