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The luxury of simplicity

The good things in life can often be the simplest. Family, friends, shelter, water ... the beach, fun and a view ... sun and shade and nothing to do but relax, chill. Sitting squarely in the sand this concrete and tile house is as stylish as it is distilled to the minimum for a fabulous beach holiday. Todos Santos beach houses by Gracia Studio in Baja region of Mexico. I could live like this forever.

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DIN interiorismo

Here at DTI we love blogging designs from around the world. So I was pleased when the folks at DIN interiorismo, an interior design and architecture firm in Mexico, emailed us with some photos of a few of their projects. I found the following home, Casa A.P., to be the most intriguing. Here is some info on this beautiful home for a family of five:
The goal was to convey dynamism through furniture in the living room and bar, with items that can move, rotate and open to transform the space according to the desired event or activity. The breakfast area and family room communicate with each other through a wood and glass furniture, which allows the light passage and reflection, but add breadth to space. The game zone is the energy and comfort area, achieved with a color palette that highlights citric shades combined into walls, cushions and rug. Furniture consists in different size modules that play with dimensions to enclose television, video games and everything needed.
House stands out for its unique spaces in which wood variety is combined. This broad selection considered Maple for the bedrooms, zebrawood in the master bedroom and living room, and Indian rosewood for the dining room. The wood nobility and warmth allowed a color palette for children's bedrooms and burned colors for common areas and the parents' bedroom, resulting in a high design family environment.

690m2 house-building construction approx., distributed on two levels at which these areas are located as follow. Upper level: four bedrooms, TV and work areas; lower level: living room/bar, dining room, with breakfast room, family room and game zone.

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Not Only Architects

Last night I was sitting at my dining table studying French (UGH) and drinking some red wine (hoping it would help speed things along - HA!) and realized I had to get a post ready for today. I opened my email folder of pets on furniture entries and was shocked to discover I did not have enough for a post. ?!?! My apologies to those who actually enjoy my pet posts. Instead I give you some photos from the California and Mexico based architectural firm of Not Only Architects - Garduño Arquitectos. "Let's talk about simple.  Truth   Search   Form   Light   Change   Back   To   Basics   Not more, not less."

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Reader's home in Cabo San Lucas

We had so many great readers' homes in lately that I just had to share on a Saturday. Vikki recently purchased a piece of paradise in Cabo San Lucas and wanted to share with tease Desire to Inspire readers. What a beautiful holiday spot, the endless blue of the Sea of Cortez and a great renovation by Vikki! Just a taste here but you can see all the befores and afters on her blog My House, My Garden. Casa Cielo is available to stay but would you ever want to leave. I think I'd just laze by that pool forever. Let's take in the view before moving inside after the jump.

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Hacienda San Angel - part 4

I swear, this is my last post on the Hacienda San Angel. There were so many gorgeous bedrooms in the villas that I had to share them with you too. Plus, one of my favourite and somewhat unusual perks of the hacienda is after the jump.

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