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While on vacation...

Folks, I am still on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but didn't want to leave you hanging yet another Sunday so I hope you don't mind if I share some photos I've taken here so far. Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

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Some of my Mexico finds

I've been asked several times to show what I came home from Puerto Vallarta with. Besides a wicked suntan, some jewelry, 3 tops, a pair of pants, 3 pairs of super cheap and funky sandals, a bag, a few Spanish shelter mags, a lime squisher and a big bottle of vanilla, I brought back a few things I thought you guys might be interested in (yes, shopping was a high priority on this trip). Keep in mind I only brought one suitcase with me with as little in it as I could possibly manage so there wasn't much I could bring back. A few of these items I bought with someone you know in mind (sounds like Bo).


Why I wanted a shipping container - part 2

Here is another store in Puerto Vallarta that I almost passed out in. It's called Ponciana, located downtown, and was filled with everything under the sun. Clothing, tons of linens (lace, tablecloths, pillowcovers, runners...), mirrors, furniture, glassware, dishes, pottery, paintings...you name it. And I went a little nutty in this store knowing I could fit little bits and pieces in my suitcase. To my delight I did end up purchasing several items. Here's a peek inside Ponciana, and coincidentally you'll get a glimpse at a few of the things that came home with me (which is another post for later).


Why I wanted a shipping container - part 1

Today I thought I'd post some more photos from my trip to Mexico, specifically from a couple of the shops that I fell in love with. Then tomorrow I'll show you all the stuff I managed to cram in my 1 suitcase.

This first shop located in downtown Puerto Vallarta is called Origenes - David Luna. It was BEOOOOOOTIFUL. Tons of incredible rustic, earthy furniture from Mexico and elsewhere that I could have furnished an entire home with. To die for. And none of it fit in my suitcase. If you're in Puerto Vallarta, you must check it out for the eye candy factor. Bring a shipping container with you.  :) (Their website includes details of the locations of their 4 shops and interior design projects).


More from Mexico

I had such a blast in Mexico that I thought I'd share some more photos that I took. These are again from some of the shops (plus a couple extras) in the town of Sayulita. I was so in love with all the ethnic/global/wordly items that I was devastated knowing I had only part of a suitcase to fill instead of a shipping container.