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I'm back

Buenos dias everyone! I am back from my too-short trip to Mexico, having arrived late last night. I had a blast as I always do in Puerto Vallarta (that was my third or fourth time there). I took lots of photos which I hope to share here and on Flickr and bought as much stuff as I could cram in my suitcase (which I will get photos of ASAP). Luckily I took today off work so I can get groceries, do some laundry, clean the house and hang out with my boyfriend who unfortunately did not accompany me on the trip. I don't have time to get a regular post ready but I thought I'd show you some photos I took of a shop I found in the cool surf town of Sayulita. 


This town was an hour bus ride from PV, and was worth the trip. We spent the day there and had a great time hanging out on the beach watching the surfers, shopping of course, and eating the best freaking burritos I've ever had. I uploaded a photo a couple days ago on Flickr of the floor in this shop (whose name I cannot remember) and it's been such a hit that I thought I'd put it and some others here. I love painted floors and this floor has to be my new favourite, hands down. Frankly, everything about this shop was hip and funky which is relatively uncommon. (Pardon the quality of some of these photos - it was often easier to sneak them instead of trying to explain why I was taking them).

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