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Sweet condo

Check out the getaway condo of architects Tom Huth and Bruce Skiles Danzer in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Mid-century classics, bold artwork and cool colours make this home a new favourite of mine. It was featured in New England Home, and the magazine included a quote from Danzer that I think is priceless coming from an architect: "We used $3000 worth of paint rather than sink $50,000 in structural changes". Something to note, coming from someone who would know.


A mid-century renovation

My sister found a link to an incredible home renovation that had me in awe. The Lorna house was built in 1954 in Phoenix, Arizona and was named after the home's former owner of 40 years. Architect Shawn Kaffer decided to modernize the ranch-style house and WOW, did he ever. To get an idea of the extent of the renovation, here's a quote from Kaffer: "God rest her soul, Lorna had stuccoed the entire house. I couldn't sandblast with the way the stucco was applied, so I was out there with a chisel for about a year and half." (??!!??!!) I thought I'd include some before photos as well.


A dose of mid-century never hurts

Love this home featured on Shoot Factory. It's completely staged for the photos, but I really like the juxtaposition of mid-century classics (in black and white which rocks) with the rustic feel of the exposed brick. I don't know, but ever since I got my hands on chair #1, then chair #2, then chair #3, I just can't get enough of all things MCM.


Not just for show

I LOVE the following home that was featured on New York Social Diary a few weeks ago. It's the townhouse of Lisa Mahar, a mother of three and owner of a toy store. I think it's so great that she's got toys and photos of her kids and their artwork scattered all over, and mixed in with all sorts of mid-century classic furniture. It's a space that is perfectly comfortable and perfectly lived in. And cool.


Welcome scandinavian.modern

Jo and I would like to welcome the folks of scandinavian.modern, based in Winnipeg, as our new sponsor. I just love being able to promote Canadians who know a thing or two about great furniture. If you love the mid-century variety, you MUST check them out. I have never seen so much gorgeous rosewood in one place. I think I've changed my mind about teak - rosewood is just stunning!!! Here's a bit about their shop:

"We hand pick and make available primarily original, vintage, mid-century modern, Danish and other Scandinavian furniture. We admire and stock pieces from such designers as Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, Børge Mogensen, Kai Kristiansen, Arne Vodder, Ole Wanscher and Hans Olsen. We also stock pieces that may not have been designed by a well known designer but were crafted by elite danish cabinetmakers and are unique and showcase scandinavian functionality and appearance."

Here is a little peek at some of the (*drool*) items they've got in stock. LOOOVE the first one pictured - it's a table and a planter!