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Stalking the sand dunes

The ultimate "beach shack"? Nestled in the dunes on Victoria's coastline at Fingal is this contemporary interpretation of mid century cool. Definitely not your fisherman's weekend shack unless of course you are head of a fish canning business. Me? I'd be happy just bunking down on the patio and taking baths in the swim tank! For sale here while the link lasts. Thanks Andrea for doing the stalking for me this time!

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A week of stalking - Friday in the 60s

The Sixties baby! Sophisticated, sexy, open and radical radial plan. Design classics, indoor plants and a koi pool. What else could a stylin' Sixties aficionado want? I wonder if they leave the curtains open or perhaps there is a high front fence because I would be walking and stalking past this original beauty every day with craned neck and tongue hanging out. Too cool! Link for this Centennial Park, Sydney home here while it lasts.

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Eeny, meeny, miney, moe

Which one? Which one? I'm stalking apartments in Sydney (Scott Weston's deco dream yesterday had me rethinking apartment living.) First up today a 2 bedder in a funky old building, with a spectacular view from the roof (BBQ party anyone?) and a cool fitout. Red Platner anyone?. Inner city chic! (Link here while it lasts.) You'll have to wait till after the jump for the second apartment ...

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Reader request - a modern dilemma

Today's reader request comes from Hillary: "I've recently been gifted a Corbusier chaise lounge. (I know, right?) It's fantastic, but I'm really having a hard time incorporating it into my existing surroundings. My partner and I have been living together for about 6 months now and because we're in India (not my native place) and I moved here two years ago with only a backpack and he's living on his own for the first time after college, we have no other furniture. Well, not none. We have Indian mattresses spread on the floor covered with pretty fabrics for seating, and an old door (surrounded by more mattresses) for a dining table. How can I start to meld these two seemingly polar-opposite styles? I think what will help is that soon I am inheriting an old chair and pouf from my boss that I can reupholster and paint black. Do you know of any good examples of successfully combining something so high-modern with a surrounding that is so... not high-modern?" Talk about a SWEET gift! (The first photo below is of the chaise Hillary is referring to). What I really love seeing in spaces is a mix of different styles because it's unexpected, interesting and quirky. So perhaps most people would not think to pair a Corbusier chaise lounge with Indian mattresses, but WORK IT GIRL! I would do something like this: Pick up a couple small sheepskin rugs (faux if possible) and throw one on the mattresses and one on the chaise. Stick a pile of Indian covered pillows next to the chaise, then add some simple modern side tables on either side of the mattresses (Kartell Componibili storage units would be cute). Something along those lines, where the Indian/ethnic and modern items are blended together. Based on that idea, below are some photos of spaces that made me think of your dilemma, where I can see both that chaise and Indian mattresses/fabrics working. (Hillary, do send us photos when you think you've got it figured out - we'd love to see what you come up with.)

Living Etc.
The Selby
Sköna hem
Bolig Magasinet
Jordi Canosa
Mail Online

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Swedish stalking

Real estate stalking is a global phenomenon. It crosses all boarders and infects all races. Well all of us who are design freaks anyway ;) Stylist Mikael Beckman has it as bad as I do. He sent us this link to an amazing house 30 minutes from the centre of Stockholm. Perfect combination of mid century modern, land and lifestyle.


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