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Stalking 2 years apart

I'm stalking a classic 60s pad in Melbourne's salubrious suburb of Toorak but it's a case of déjà vu. I stalked this home 2 years ago in a leftovers post. As the building is being sold as a "knock it down and build an architect designed 5 bedroom, pool and 3 car upgrade" you can see that nothing has changed to the shell. One thing that has is the styling. The current incarnation is all scandi modern while in its previous life it was mid century minimal. Which do you prefer? I know that I'd be happy with either. OK, OK I like the scandi better but that's not the point. I think I like the old 60s groove better than any Toorak McMansion that would replace it. Link for the current sale here and the previous sale here.

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Mid-century + boho + glam

I am not sure how Los Angeles based interior designer Bryan Wark managed to mix mid-century and boho and glam elements together to create such an awesome vibe but he did and I LOVE it. This home is stunning and OMG look at all those massive windows! It's so bright and easy on the eye yet has some fabulous statement pieces for some BLAM.  

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Pastel colours in a Swedish apartment

If I ever had any doubts about using pastels in a home, they have all been washed away. I had to share this home in Stockholm because I am going to dream about it allllllll day. And all weekend. So damn pretty!!! Via Bo Bedre, photos: Jonas Interstedt.

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Stalking a 1960s beach house

Dear readers please lend me a squillion dollars so I can buy this Pearl Beach house designed in 1963 by architect Brian Mazlin, with restoration and interior design by TFAD in 2010. It takes me back to a simpler time, when beach houses sat nestled in bush surrounds, a glimpse of sea and the sound of crashing waves all the decoration you really needed. Simple, honest, practical and probably way too expensive for me because of its exclusive enclave position on Sydney's northern beaches. Other than that it's just too perfect. For sale via Modern House.

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Mid Mod Country Home

There are several words which when combined make my salivate with anticipation. "Mid mod" and "country home" are combinations that definitely tweak my interest but "mid mod country home" definitely has my quivering. Add in "Shelter Island" and well it's all over. What's that commandment? "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods." When it comes to this wonderful holiday home then I'm definitely a sinner. Architecture by Andre Tchelistcheff Architects and interior design by Gachot.

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