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Mid century modern

Let's end the week with a contemporary take on the classic mid century bachelor pad that hangs from the hillsides of California. This Trousdale Estates, Beverley Hills home is by Studio William Heffner but screw up your eyes, stare at the screen, and let your mind wander to episodes of Mad Men. The setting is spectacular and the house a mid century modern marvel.

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Renovate. Restore. Renew. Redo. Rework. Recreate. Relive. The Stonington/Lincoln Residence designed in 1945 by John Lincoln and brought back to life by Joeb Moore & Partners. New life built on solid foundations.

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Happy Friday!

I was only going to use these first 2 photos for this post because OMG...but this Sicilan vacation home of architect Laurent Buttazzoni is so fun I had to include a few more. Via Architectural Digest France. Happy Friday! Peace out. 


Holly Hickey Moore

I recently discovered interior designer Holly Hickey Moore's work and I love her style. She is focused on creating vibrant, layered, and eclectic interiors. With every project, she strives to design a timeless living environment with multi-generational appeal. She is edgy (and a little rebellious), designing spaces that are complex and unique, yet intuitive and comfortable. She primarily works in New England and Texas but is looking to branch out to New Zealand (where her husband is from) and Australia (perhaps I could convince her she needs me as an assistant ;)). This home in particular I really like for its funky midcentury modern/retro vibe. To complement the architecture, the look is inspired by Palm Springs in the 60s. Accordingly, artwork and décor is bright, bold and beautiful. Restored vintage furnishings and lighting are mixed in with new elements. Additionally, the white walls act as a canvas for the colorful works of art, most of which are original pieces by the family members. The open floor plan and glazing across the back of the house gives a sense of being outside. Can I get a HELL YEAH for the tumbled block tiles above. !!!!!! (Photos: Casey Dunn, designs completed while Holly worked under Baxter Design Group)



A simple apartment in architecture and decor, but sometimes all you really need is simplicity and the basics. Located in central Madrid, by interior architect and designer Juan Carlos Fernández.

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