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Modern in the sticks

This absolutely incredible home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by Pearson Design Group has rendered me almost speechless. It's an absolute dream. Whenever I talk about wrecking and re-building my home, my description is always "modern cabin". This is a modern cabin at it's finest. I adore everything about it. I won't bother waxing lyrical about each element because this post will never end, but I must point out how cool the concrete porch floor is with the inset wood "rug". How sweet would that be in a living room?! 

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On and on and on

Sometimes it's about respecting the site. That's all. Sunset Rock House by Canadian MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects.

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Codo a Codo

It's neck and neck, side by side, elbow to elbow what I like more about this holiday home on the island of Menorca. The sleek, white contemporary lines or the organic, natural touches. Maybe how the two place off each other. The epitome of modern summer style. By Codo a Codo Arquitectura.

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The Taringa House

A contemporary extension to an historic house carves its way down the slope of an inner Brisbane ridge line. This architect's home plays old against new, street facade against the views through the backyard, intimate against expansive. The original timber cottage remains as guest house and entry while the addition is about family living and the landscape. The Taringa House by Loucas Zahos Architects.

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Modern beach house

With clean, contemporary lines and an easy connection to its surrounding landscape this modern beach house by Bower Architecture allows for casual, stylish, family living. Open plan and open to the garden with sleek white surfaces warmed by wood. Light and bright and fresh and fun.

Photography by Nikole Ramsay and styling by Emma O'Meara.

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