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Eclectic and very blue 

I really have no words for this one. Except someone is obsessed with light blue. And decorative moldings. Via jj Locations

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A Victorian period home in London

It isn't often that a home is so beautiful it practically has me in tears. This is one of those homes. This very large, 4 story Victorian home in London has been furnished with junk shop, auction and eBay finds. The kind of finds you can't find anywhere around the Ottawa area, and the kind I imagine salivating over if I ever have the opportunity to visit London, or Paris, or any other city with unimaginably fantastic flea markets. Welcome to my dream home, courtesy of the one and only, Shoot Factory

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Eclectic in Paris on a Sunday

This apartment in Paris' 9th arrondissement is everything I love about this city - the stunning mouldings and windows, and the residents' love for eclectic decor and vintage furnishings. Here you have some mid century and classic mixed with modern (that Ligne Roset Facett lounge chair is HOT) that always works in an intriguing way. It is however unfortunate that the original flooring seems to have been replaced. :( Details on this home and its inhabitants can be found on The Socialite Family.

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A bit simpler to follow up

A little bit of modern within a late 19th century Brooklyn rowhouse. LOVELY. Via CWB Architects, photos by Francis Dzikowski



Another divine and eclectic space by Tamara Eaton