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Sunday dinner at a restaurant

Before the craziness of the week proceeding Christmas begins, how about a night off to enjoy some spectacular design and cuisine! Le Coucou in New York City was designed by the incredibly talented duo of Roman and Williams. If you're lucky you'll spot Brad or Kanye :)
Roman and Williams have stripped away all of the years of renovations to expose the existing raw brick space. From the entry vestibule Roman and Williams have created a Dining Room that is a box-within-a-box, with sets of magnificent triple-hung glass windows that form a secondary façade within the space. At the room's crown, a grand procession of pewtered-steel chandeliers designed by Roman and Williams hang from the exposed concrete of the existing ceiling, lighting the room with a glow from hand-blown glass shades. Custom cast-glass sconces partner the chandeliers from their posts on the walls, where existing brick has been thickly whitewashed carefully to reveal layers of historical paint, providing additional layer and texture. The borders of the room are further defined by a circuit of banquettes covered in hearty blue gray mohair, which pairs with Thonet armchairs circa 1925 that have been reinterpreted and covered in earthy olive green velvet upholstery.

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Helen's House by Ministry of Interior Affairs

Marcin and Magda Konopka of Polish design firm Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnętrzach (Ministry of Interior Affairs) has sent us photos of one of their latest projects. The other day I featured a "small" apartment in Sweden and was told that 71 m2 is not small by Swedish standards. Okidoki, my last home was 800 sq ft and yep, it was small! In this case though I think I can safely say this is a HUGE house at 300 m2 and no one is going to argue that fact. MSWW has created a warm yet modern home with light oak clad walls and floors, concrete elements, a grey colour scheme, comfy furnishings and some fun lighting. (More of their projects can be found here)

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The drama of dark and light

I had a few free minutes before heading out to the Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market so I decided to spend this precious break perusing one of my favourite blogs, The Design Files. A couple of homes featured over the past couple of months really blew me away for their dramatic impact and I had to share some of the photos with you. First there was the home of Melbourne stylist, decorator and retailer Lynda Gardener - a converted warehouse whose all white space is the perfect backdrop for rustic, vintage treasures. Then there was the SOHO loft of Australian photographer Martyn Thompson, that is dramatic in its dark palette and random in its decor. Here, hand-painted murals by Martyn's artist partner Dove Drury Hornbuckle take centre stage. Both are absolutely breathtaking.

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Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnętrzach

Marcin and Magda Konopka are the duo behind Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnętrzach (Ministry of Interior Affairs) based in Gdansk, Poland. This is one of their projects - Grand Oak House, where beautiful and warm oak played a central role. Nods towards nature including forest and wheat murals and earthy colours mixed with grey warm up the modern architectural elements of concrete and steel. Gorgeous. 

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Haus Bubkevitz

I'm so excited to be back from the holiday break with new posts for 2014!  A new year, a new week and a great escape. An escape from having to going back to work, an escape from an extreme case of Mondayitis. Come with me as we wind our way down a meandering country road on the Island of Rügen in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania region of Germany. To an old schoolhouse/farmhouse. The old barn and endless fields are all we can see as we enter our holiday home. Modern meets traditional, simple minimalism meets rich maximalist murals. American Gothic? A rabbit in the room? Perhaps a minimalist grey attic space. No TV, no internet, no worries. Haus Bubkevitz.

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