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Erik Gutter

Loving the portfolio of interior stylist and decorator from the Netherlands Erik Gutter. Kinda funky, not overdone, featuring classic Eames chairs, and there's even a couple of cats. What more do you need? 

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Renee Frinking

A whole lotta pretty from Dutch photographer Renée Frinking.


A converted office space

Nicolet, a real estate developer from Amsterdam, emailed with a really impressive project she just completed that I had to share. It is an 90 m2 apartment in De Pijp area. The Ruysdaelkade is formally known as a red light district.  It is a studio with a walk-in bedroom and walk-in bathroom. I created a patio to provide more day light. I bought it as on office and turned it into an apartment. It is build around 1920 as a temporary church in name of our Queen, but unfortunately there are no signes of that anymore. Unfortunately, for the sale of houses in Amsterdam, everything needs to be pretty plain without being to eccentric. I absolutely love the simplicity of the space. It allows the gorgeous details to stand out - like the hardwood floors (YES!!). And that patio - so cool!!! (View the listing here)

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Clijsters Architectuur Studio

I was really taken by the portfolio of Amsterdam-based architecture firm Clijsters when I happened upon it while googling blog stuff and things. It's modern and minimal but warm and a bit rustic. Gorgeous wood beams, flooring and cabinetry keeps the spaces from feeling cold. And HELLO - check out the fire pit platform thing! Sweet!

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More from Inga Powilleit

I didn't quite get my fill of the mesmerizing photography of Inga Powilleit the other day, so I thought an encore would be a great treat on a Wednesday. Eye candy at it's finest. 

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