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Simple on a Friday

With all of the interiors I am exposed to because of this blog, many times I find myself really enjoying the simple, neutral spaces that are soothing to the eye. Like these photos of a Parisian apartment via Norwegian magazine Interiør Magasinet. (Photos by Mikkel Russel) 


Night and day

I'll start this post by saying that I would happily move into Les Interieurs' studio in Newport Beach and blissfully live amongst the stock. I adore Pamela Makin's work.  Remember this ...

from this post? I didn't think it could get any better. Well it has. New work from Les Interieurs. I think of it as night and day. Black, white and natural. Tribal, timber and art and artifact. It's just perfect. The homes today are moody and black or atmospheric and naturally neutral ... or both. Perfect.

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Sarah Jane Nielsen

Sometimes the sensory overload that this blog can bring makes me crave some simple, neutral spaces. When I found the website of UK interior designer Sarah Jane Nielsen, I was very appreciative of her unpretentious, tranquil designs. Like these. 

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Monika and Christian's German home

Today I've got a reader's home to share with you that will knock your socks off I guarantee!

We (Christian and Monika) are from Cologne, Germany. My husband (41) is Graphic Designer, he was born in Argentina, his mother is belgian and his father german. I'm (39) Interior Designer, born in Germany but yugoslavian, then montenegrian, then serbian and in the Future...who knows :) We're running our little Agency together called Koenigsrot (translation is kingsred). We have twins, Emma (6) and Meo (6), our cat called "le Chat" and two squirrels. One year ago we bought a little house which was built in 1967. Before and after picture show a really huge transformation :) It's still work ahead us but we're really happy living here. We're big fans of flea markets, we travel a lot with the kids, we adore Paris and spent a lot of time there. Not in a hotel but in a flat.
- Monika, Christian, Emma, Meo, leChat and the squirrels.

I love every little square inch of Christian and Monika's home. It has all of my favourites - neutral colours, oddball curiousities, lots of vintage, industrial vibe....

Paintings are made by my husband Christian.


Detail Living room. Statuary made by our twins.

Part of our kitchen. The numbers are old baking dishes.

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Opposite ends of the spectrum

Both of these homes have been featured lately in Residence magazine and I wanted to blog one, then the other, no the first one, but what about the second....so what the hell I'll blog both. Both homes are gorgeous, the first because of the soothing and earthy neutral palette and the second because of the bold colour scheme and modern vibe. I want my home to look like the first, and then I need to win the lottery so the cottage I would then buy could look like the second. :) (Photos by Carl Dahlstedt)

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