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Working on a Saturday

In this world there are the "haves" and the "have nots" and on a Saturday it is all about the "haves", the "have to go to work" contingent. No need to be hopping mad about dragging yourself into the office on a weekend if it looked like this. No you'd be twitching with excitement to get in on time. New Zealand interior design firm Hare's own offices, a wonderful work warren.

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Pool with terrace and fire

So deceptively simple. A pool, a terrace with fireplace, a minimal fence, a bath and a view over Auckland Harbour. Small but beautifully formed. By Fearon Hay Architects.

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McIntosh Moorman Interior Design

White kitchen envy up in this post! The stools above and below are incredible, albeit not very practical for a kitchen but who the hell cares?! Auckland, New Zealand based McIntosh Moorman Interior Design is all about textiles, textures and patterns that add drama and personality to their spaces. Like those stools. Did you see those stools?! ;)

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Living with plants (and cats)

While moving from gate to gate at the Puerto Vallarta airport (they are so freaking disorganized) a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across this apartment in the latest issue of Elle Decoration Mexico. I have an obsession with plants, which is pretty hilarious considering I am only mediocre at keeping them alive, so this home really drew me in. It is the Auckland, New Zealand home of stylist Charlotte Rust and it is filled with plants! And a couple of cats! The contrast between the raw, lifeless concrete and the beautiful greenery is lovely. This is a perfect example of how you can easily warm up a space. Plants always help. So do cats. :) (Perfectly captured by photographer by Jessica MacCormick)

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Harbour View Road

I have one more New Zealand home by Bull O'Sullivan Architecture to share with you. This one has a bit less wood used than the last, and instead features alot of green carpeting which to my horror, I really enjoy. It is like being in a forest, and the carpet is the mossy, grassy ground. And I have a thing for random size windows, so that sliver of a window in the bedroom (complete with shutters it looks like) is going into my inspiration folder.