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Herbst Architects

A big thanks to François for tipping us off to the website of Herbst Architects, based in Auckland, New Zealand. Their designs are works of art, and I'm in awe of how they merge the indoors with the outdoors. And as I mentioned last week, I'm a big fan of wood walls...such a simple and graphic way to bring nature indoors. (Also loving the stone/mesh walls - Jo says they're called gabions - seen in the 3rd photo and then again after the jump).


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Barns and boatsheds

I couldn't help myself. I had to dip back into New Zealand architects Sumin Chaplin's portfolio again. This time I was drawn to their contemporary take on the rustic shed and the old barn. Rich with texture, warm with aged timbers, always a fabulous view and just out and out comfy. Stylish yes but never precious. The barn I can see full of kids and dogs, friends and long summer days. As for the boatshed after the jump, imagine cooking freshly caught fish in that kitchen as the sun starts to set on another perfect day out on the water. If you haven't already you must visit their website. Their portfolio is amazing.

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Longing for the Land of the Long White Cloud ... again

Is there a land more beautiful than my own Australia? Yes I believe there is. I think at last I have to admit that New Zealand is just a little more stunning. Just a little more. This slice of perfection is the Alan Pye Cottage, part of the iconic Huka Lodge at Huka Falls, Taupo, New Zealand. Eclectic luxury created by interior designer Virginia Fisher and Christian Anderson and Sumich Chaplin Architects (on whose site I found these pictures). Words fail me. Stunning landscape matched by sophisticated interiors drawing influence from the English Arts & Crafts movement. A powerful colour palette references the hypnotic turquoise green waters of the Waikato River. So many Kiwis cross the sea to Australia. I think we Aussies should be slipping quietly over to New Zealand. Paradise!

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Stalking in the Land of the Long White Cloud

Sammy is a regular reader and commentator on the blog. Sammy is a Kiwi. Sammy shares my real estate addiction and Sammy goes stalking when she is bored.

Gloomy winter day here in Auckland and it's my day off so I decided to do some real estate stalking and found one of my favourite homes is up for sale. It was featured in a magazine a few years back and I must have ripped out the entire article for my folder once I stopped drooling! I probably couldn't afford the garage but hey we're all dreamers at heart. It certainly made me think of summer.....love the slick tropical feel with ethnic touches and worn timbers. Yum.

I want to see more pictures! I want to see bigger pictures! Hey I want to see better pictures! Sammy I want to see those torn out magazine pages! Dreaming of a beachside bolt-hole. Actually, like you, I'm dreaming of summer down here in the southern winter. Link to this North Shore, Auckland home here while it lasts.

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Slice of heaven

Ever imagined what heaven looks like? Maybe just a little bit like New Zealand. And when the scenery is so spectacular then Te Kaitaka, a retreat located on the shores of beautiful Lake Wanaka in the South Island is the perfect design solution. Inspired by folded paper it is by architects Stevens Lawson. Te Kaitaka has just been announced as NZ Home of the Year, the third win by Stevens Lawson. Their's is a quest in design to respect the site, to explore the genius loci and the cultural values.  "Architecture of humanism and spirit." So true.

(Thanks Sammy for the link and there is one more fabulous award winning house after the jump.)




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