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I also dream about...

...having a little kitchen dining nook with banquette seating. This little spot surrounded by windows is a dream I have had for as long as I can remember.

...mudrooms. A home for all those coats and winter paraphernalia and wet snowy boots and cat leashes. Where the floors won't get destroyed. Where my husband and I can enter the house and remove our outerwear without bashing into each other. I have not had that in about 8 years. :( Yes, I also dream of mudrooms. 

Via Garrison Hullinger



I wish I had a spot just like this. Work, rest and explore the world. All within a couple of square metres. By Anna Carin Design.


Another reading nook

Jo shared a reading nook yesterday, and I have a gorgeous one for you too.

via Alexandra Mia Design

These have me thinking about the third floor of my house (seen here at the end of the post), and how it's the perfect small space for a cozy reading nook. I think I need to move that project to the top of the priority list. 


Reading nook

I'll be curled up here, book in hand, mind a million miles away. By Jeffrey Alan Marks.


n o o k

Nook: /nʊk/ noun
1. A small corner, alcove, or recess, especially one in a large room.
2. A hidden or secluded spot. 

I want one. Badly. Via Jean-Marc Palisse.