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Reader request - alcove beds

Heather sent us the following request: I have a fantasy in which I own a cottage and of course it has one (or more) alcove beds--you know, those beds that are built right into the wall, sometimes with drawers or a trundle underneath, sometimes with a window in the nook itself? Can you put together a collection of those? I would love to see it, if only to fuel the fantasy. I LOVE the idea of sleeping/reading nooks, tucked away in corners. And sleeping arrangements at a cottage is always a dilemma because the more the merrier, and squeezing in as many potential "beds" as possible is always a must. Plus, you can get away with being an adult and sleeping in a not-so-ordinary bed, which in my mind is a total bonus. Many of the photos I found are of children's rooms but translate so well into ideal beds at a cottage. (P.S. Check out this post I did on napping nooks, and this one on couches in alcoves).

Hus & Hem
Hus & Hem
Fernau + Hartman Architects

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Needin' a nook

I have a thing for little loungey nooks like this one. Somewhere to curl up with a good book and chillax (ideally where the cats and husband couldn't find me).

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Napping nooks

This post was requested by Jessica, who has taken to hoarding sleepy, cozy nap nook pics. Many seem to be located in front of windows which is the perfect place to read a shelter mag then have a little nappy nap and dream of redecorating. Perfect plans for a Friday I'd say. :)

Frank RoopNiche Interiors
Jordi CanosaJordi Canosa
Canadian House & HomeGraham Atkins-Hughes
ElleHans Zeegers
Michael BermanBo Bedre
Canadian House & HomeHouse Beautiful
Eric StrifflerTom Leighton
Jack LevyJo Barnes
Sara BengurStephen Miller Siegel

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