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Working on a Saturday

Time to make a stand. After all the workers united will never be defeated. It's all about working conditions! If we have to drag ourselves into the office on a weekend then please let it be as amazing as Oslo-based Reiulf Ramstad Architects' own studio. Those glass floors, the exposed beams, the old building! Sacrificing a Saturday could almost be enjoyable.

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Happy Friday!

Because it's Friday, and because this is the last day I have guys in my house disrupting the peace and making a huge dusty mess (my newly stained grey floors look incredible - sneak peek on Instagram)....enjoy some eye candy from one of my favourite sources, KK Living.

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Stalking in Norway

Thanks to reader Silje I went real estate stalking in Norway when she sent me a link.

"This house for sale in Oslo caught my eye the other day, partly because the interior was so flippin cool, but mainly because this architectural style is quite rare in Norway. As in: extremely rare. There are only a few of these “garden towns” as they are called, and this house in particular is a part of the oldest garden town in Oslo – Arctander town. It was named after the mayor of Oslo, Sofus Arctander, who commissioned the building of these houses in 1907. Like I said, they are rare and they are never up for sale. Imagine my surprise when I saw this gem from 1911 on sale the other day. Well worth a look!"

And you know what? Silje is right. This house is flippin cool! Link here (with lots more photos) while it lasts.

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Grey rocks

One more quickie before I head outdoors. Grey is such a magical colour, and I absolutely adore it in interiors, particularly when layered in multiple shades. This Oslo home I found on KK Living is divine - perfect use of grey tones throughout. A+!!!! (Photos: Yvonne Wilhelmsen)

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Norwegian inspiration

Before I dash off to another day of craziness at the Ottawa Antique & Vintage Market to help with hubby's Daff Design booth, I wanted to share these spaces from Norwegian magazine KK Living that left me drooling all over my keyboard. I particularly adore the home of Line Evensen featured in the photos before the jump - such a wonderfully eclectic mix of styles that is so random it works. (Photos by Yvonne Wilhelmsen, Anja Ka, Helena Blom, Nina Ruud)

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