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An office that makes you want to go to work!

For those of you who work in a ugly office building surrounded by cubicle wall after cubicle wall, industrial carpeting, ripped mismatched chairs, BRACE YOURSELVES AND PREPARE TO WEEP. This may be one of the most beautiful offices I have ever seen. It is located in San Francisco and belongs to the firm Grow Marketing. Its founders Cassie Hughes and Gabrey Means worked with designer Josef Medellin to transform the large and unfinished space into a feminine, chic, and colorful workspace. It's eclectic and glamourous yet really inviting and cosy. WOW my office is horrible. I think I need a tissue.

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Working on a Saturday

If you have to go to work on a Saturday I couldn't think of a better place than the Birkenstock Australia HQ. Sustainability, quality, craftsmanship ... not just Birkenstock but the design by Melbourne Design Studio. Yes please! Read more about the brief and the designers' approach to the project here.

P.S. Why am I obsessed by working on a Saturday all of a sudden? I have a new business, Feast and Co. Pardon the website as it is still in development but we are all about catering and functions based in a beautiful old 1916 home. We're super busy this weekend with two weddings. Yikes! I better get off this blog and back to the bride. Hopefully photos and background story soon.

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Working on a Saturday

If you have to drag your sorry self into work on the weekend then the office should look this good. Table tennis board room meeting anyone?  By Melbourne Design Studios.

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Diana Corp. offices

Where else do you set up the offices of an agency specializing in the creation, management and promotion of top fashion brand ecommerce but an old shirt factory? Diana Corp.'s head offce in the Padua region of Italy mixes vintage with modern, recycled with original pieces. The company's creative director Margherita Silvestri guided the renovation from abandoned factory to fab office. A creative company in a creative work place.


Saturday work place

It's Saturday. Most of us are relaxing far away from the workplace grind. We don't have to return to the hamster wheel to earn our living until Monday. If this was my workplace though I'd never want to come home. Too cool. Melbourne interior designers Mr Mitchell explain the idea behind the Blonde Robot offices the best.

"Three young forward thinking business partners had a simple goal with the fit-out of their brand new head office: make it look like a cool pub. Being based in the centre of an industrial area, the closest cold beer was too far for knock off drinks. They wanted to create a warm, relaxed environment that provided their team with the pub you have, when you're not having a pub."

My resumé  is in your inbox Blonde Robot.

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