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Heaven is a pumphouse

I have always said that New Zealand is God's country. Perhaps I need to look a little closer to home, to the beautiful, unspoilt wilderness of Tasmania. Today we are heading to heaven in a pumphouse. Decommissioned in the 90s the Lake St Clair hydroelectric pumphouse lay empty having defeated a number of developers until Simon Currant stepped in in 2004. Finally in 2015 after a decade of hard work Pumphouse Point, a boutique hotel of 18 rooms, designed by Cumulus Studio, opened its doors. Two buildings ,one onshore the other at the end of the flume (jetty), provide the accommodation and facilities. The rooms are contemporary cool with a nod to the industrial but really it's all about the wilderness. And truly it's a slice of paradise.

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A Notting Hill townhouse

This Notting Hill townhouse was designed by my new favourite interior designer Hubert Zandberg. I absolutely adore his very eclectic spaces with their random mélange of disparate eras that just really works. It amazes me that someone can pull this off so effortlessly. Now I don't usually start off my home tour posts with a bathroom photo...but the one above is exactly what I want to do in my bathroom (a photo of it is in this post). 

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What lies at the heart of every home? The living space, the kitchen, the bedroom? A free form carbon-fibre shell? Nicknamed the Mancave by architects  Allen Jack + Cottier the pod contains the bedroom and bathroom in this inner-city Surry Hills warehouse. Part folly, part experimentation in fabrication and form it certainly gives new meaning to cocooning.

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OTT on a Sunday

As soon as I spotted this apartment on Shoot Factory, I KNEW it had to be the work of interior designer Sera Hersham-Loftus. This Madame of boudoir chic has brought seductive, romantic drama yet again in this London space. I thought I would start the week off with a BOOM (or maybe in this case a wham, bam, thank you ma'am). ;)

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This house!!!

This house has given me heart palpitations. This is the 1884 Swedish 'Italian villa' of KK Living stylist Marie Olsson Nylander. Her work continues to rock my world in every way possible. Photos by Sara Svenningrud. (Her previous home here, and more of her work here)

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