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Why I should maybe paint my trim/woodwork

OH HELL YEAH. The Brooklyn Home Company.


More dark inspiration


I REALLY want a deep olivey-brown colour somewhere. This colour rocks. It's "Burl" by Martha Stewart. Maybe for my dining room? Via Design*Sponge 

Two houses ago I painted my bedroom chocolate brown (seen here - it wasn't dark enough). I LOVED it. It was such a soothing colour. I want a shade of chocolate like above in my bedroom again. Via The Design Files.

I was thinking a really dark teal would be cool in the kitchen. Otherwise maybe a deep navy. Not sure if it's matt black or navy in the above photo but lets pretend it's navy. I also have black countertops and white cabinets so this is a good representation of how it would look in my space. Lovely! Via Sköna hem.

My husband flipped out when I mentioned I would love to paint the walls and the ceilings whatever room colours I choose. This is to show him that maybe white is ok. (Except in our case it would be white ceiling, grey walls, mahogany baseboards and yellow stained floors. Bleh. Via Fantastic Frank.

As much as I don't really know what to do with green walls, I am a fan of this shade of green. Looks great with that pale pink. Via Dos Family.


Punch of colour

A unconventional way to add some colour to your home - paint a door neon. The result is bold and fun. I love this colour combo. (Photo by Lucas Allen)


Caroline Lizarraga

Think decorative painting is a thing of the past? Think again folks. I have been converted since decorative artist Caroline Lizarraga emailed us with a link to her portfolio. She loves old world style, and it's no wonder - she trained in Florence. Whether old world or modern, Caroline makes beautiful spaces spectacular. Somewhere in my next home I want very matte black walls done in plaster or to look like plaster such as in the photo above. Gorg!

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Love this

This makes me want to grab some paint and a brush and splotch something. Via Simon Wilson.