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Monday's pets on furniture

Hi! After enjoying all the pet photos on your blog, I couldn't resist. I had to send you a couple myself. These are my two Frenchies. They think the couch is their bed even though they have dog beds all over the house. And I don't normally let them on the antique (white!) chair but I couldn't resist posing him on it for a photo.
- Alek

Tonight I was getting caught up on all of your fabulous postings and had to write -- I just love your "creatures on furniture" series and thought I'd send you both a few of my pups, Bear and Daisy -- just for fun.
- Myla

I am a 43 years old nurse educator and manager, living with two cats in Istanbul. I used to have an other tom cat who was died last November in his age of 14. I decided not to have a cat at the beginning. I moved my home to the apartment just above my previous one in last July. Meanwhile I was looking at your photos with cats. I told myself I need a cat in my new flat. I was surfing the web side about free pet adoption. I found a nice lady. She is a Van swimming cat. One is blue and other is green. She is not % percent but still, she had two colored eyes. The advertisement about her, says one year old pregnant van cat. I decided to adopt her. In next telephone call, her owner told me she delivered 1 kitten. 2 days later They were in my apartment. Now the kitten is 2,5 months old. By the way I am living a very modest furnished apartment. I am still working on it. I am sending a few photos about my girls first. They were taken my Nokia mobile phone.
- Sibel

Our whippet rufus will come running everytime i take out the camera to photograph something in our apartment, so i have so many pictures of him posing on our furniture. Here are a few - love the blog!

- Mette

Since I love your blog so much, and since you guys love dogs so much I wanted to send you pictures of my adorable dogs in LA! I hope you and your readers love the pictures as much as I do.

- Aimee

I saw your "Monday's pets on furniture" feature and I thought I'd send you a picture of The Mini, a 5 year-old cat with a big attitude. He is the star of my own blog every Tuesday as I publish a special feature called "Mini Mardi" (Mini's Tuesdays). He loves to take dramatic poses on my green velvet wing chair from Bombay (Bombay.ca).
- Martine from Montréal

Every week I see the photos and think that I really need to send some to you! Back in the days when he was allowed on the furniture, Ridley made himself strangely comfortable.
- Nina

Here is our little puppers Iggy (or more formally Iggy Juilius Huggleman) hanging out in his favorite spot on the back of the sofa. I think it makes him feel big.
- Morgan

Because trimming this and stripping this took me the whole freaking weekend, I have SO many things to get done today before I go back to work tomorrow. And this being a holiday and all, I think I will call it a day with this post. Happy labour day!


Monday's pets on furniture

I just saw your post on pets on furniture. Fun pictures! I just snapped this one yesterday so if you like you can use it for the next “pets on furniture” post. This is my 7 year old cat Oliver. As you can see he is right at home on “his” chair.

- Daniel

The attached photo is our English Bulldog Guillo. We’ve got a lovely bamboo bed that, despite it being a king, he pretty much takes over every night. He’s so cute we can’t bring ourselves to move him. ha.

- Susan and Roberto

I always love to see your pet posts! Here is a picture of my best friend-Georgia Belle. She is the world's best cuddler and loves to nap on any piece of furniture. Here she is sitting on the couch cuddling a knit hat.

- Hannah Ryan

Here is my mutt (well one of 3) on my furniture. This is Lulus’ special spot...note, she is such a little poser!

- Anne-Marie

Millie is an Australian currently living in NY (hopefully her Aussieness will swings things in her favour and overcome her less than stylish choice of furniture). If this fails she also does a great glamour pose...

- Lisa

Another photo of one of my herd. This is Mimin, my little princess. She loves to hang out on top of the highest pieces of furniture. This is the armoire in my office. I think she's looking for bugs.


Monday's pets on furniture

"Thank you so much for your lovely blog - I read it every day! My dog Molly, on the other hand, spends every day sitting on the furniture, watching for squirrels. This is her favorite pose, on her favorite chair."

- Jessica Sobti

"A few weeks a go you featured my little Lulu in your pets on furniture post so here's an update. Her days on furniture may be limited (not really but I probably should pretend)!"

- Shelly Schramm

"Being a proud parent of two cats an a chug dog, I love your posts of pets on furniture. I decided to send you my own, of my new cat gigi that seems to love to sleep on anything but her cat bed. On top of the tv, the cabinet, the table, even on the decor."

- Cindy

"I really enjoy your blog and thought you might like this photo of my dog Whiskey on a bookshelf in our old apartment."

- Ciara

"Here are our adoptions from German Shepherd Rescue. The sweet cop and the criminal. It's pretty obvious which is which."

- Marla

"attached is a picture of my 5-year-old great pyrenees, berkeley. the tin foil is supposed to keep dogs off furniture. it has always worked, until about 2 weeks ago. as you can see, my house is never clean with a dog like that! but i wouldn't change her for the world."

- rebecca

"Kubrick, he is a 1 year old Scottish terrier, in Washington D.C."

- Kati

"I am a fan of your blog and have desperately held off on sending you a picture (or two) of my dog on my bed. I love your animal features (among everything else) and just had to send you my pictures of Luna. She is a 1 year old Golden Retriever who is always sneaking up on my bed. With a face like hers I just can't say no to her."

- Elizabeth

I'd like to add some of my own that I took over the last few days. The first is my old guy Cheeks, napping on one of the sections of my DIY sofa that is strategically placed under the window so all the cats can perch and watch the stray/neighbourhood cats hanging out on the porch (and is covered in a piece of batik becaus the white covers are SO impratical) .

Next is Lucky (again) who loves to lean on something when he's laying down. Here he's using a freaking pillow on my sofa. UNREAL.

And I took this yesterday while hanging out in the backyard with a few of the cats on their harnesses. This is Felix having a little nap on my falling-apart vintage wicker loveseat.


Monday's pets on furniture

Hello my name is Victoria. I'm obsessed with your blog. I just moved to Pittsburgh, PA. I have a new loft and refer to your blog several times a day for help. I also have two Italian Greyhounds named Martini (black coat) and Rossi (tan coat). They live on all my furniture and I have tons of photos. I find them to be the perfect accessories. I thought you would enjoy. Thanks for all the inspiration!!!


I had to show off my little man to you. His name is Louie and he likes to sit behind on the ratton couch I have in the Florida room. I'm usually sewing when he sits back there. But he is so damn cute.


I began reading Desire to Inspire when we bought our Brooklyn co-op apartment and began DIY home renovations. I love the "pets on furniture" posts and couldn't help but send mine along. This is Olive the Boston Bulldogge in a vintage Danish lounge.


A friend came for a week's working visit last summer and she brought her cat: a very mature, laid-back guy. Max. aka "King of the Sofa". He just settled right in, made himself at home. He's still kicking around at 19 years of age. Not bad, eh?


I thought you might like these :) The dogs are my friends dogs and the cats are mine. The dogs names are Moo (the white one) and Mr. Jones (the brown one) and cats are Suki and Jack.


I wanted to send you a picture of my beloved Sheltie Stirling, sitting on his favorite spot - my new chaise by the front window, where he spends his days watching the world go by. And because you're a decorating blog, I thought you just may be interested in the rest of the space - I did some major redecorating (with little $$) & repurposing after buying my hubby a big flat plasma (most of the $$) and trying to make it look not so big. Stirling's chaise was quite the find in the as-is of Ikea. I bought a simple white slipcover from them and dyed it the color & texture of my dreams! I've included a couple of pix, but I've also got 2 blog posts about this gargantuan task: "Books moved, entire house rearranged", "Getting it Done". Although this is done DIY and on a budget, I'm quite proud of the results! I actually spend more time in the living room with my hubby, and changing the dining room into a music room has made practice time for my family much more enjoyable!


I live in Seattle with 2 lovely cats that we rescued from shelters. They are wonderful family members and so good with the kids. There is a lot of love going around here!
1) Smurfie, our shy girl, has chosen this chair as "her" favorite spot. (One of my friends once asked me if I had picked Smurfie to go with the decor of the house! No, she was picked because she is so incredibly sweet, people!)
2) Charlie again - now in the hallway. I love my Hicks wallpaper. He could really care less!

-Monika and Splendid Willow


More pets on furniture

For a while now, Jo and I have occasionally done posts of pets on furniture. We thought they made cute add-on posts to our regularly scheduled programming here at DTI, and we plan to continue with them for as long as our readers keep sending in photos. This blog stems from our passion for interior design, but we also have a pretty serious love for animals (Jo has budgies and a golden lab - her husband's guide dog, and I have 6 cats plus feed 6 stray/neighbour's cats). I wanted to give a bit of an explanation for all you newcomers to the blog so you see where we're coming from with these somewhat random posts. We thought we'd tie it into the theme of the blog by requesting the photos feature a bit of readers' homes as well. So there you have it - now back to the post.

First off, Ryan, of this blog and this Etsy store. "I am very involved with dog rescue, and somehow I have ended up with many more dogs than I ever intended to have. While my photo isn’t the greatest quality, I wanted to pass it along anyway. Especially since I don’t think you guys have ever featured a photo of this many dogs at once! And just because I like to brag about my fur-kids, two of them are registered Delta Society Pet Partners and they visit nursing homes and hospitals with me to bring a little puppy love into others' lives." Ryan, you may be right about this being the most dogs in one photo! They are all adorable and I commend you for rescuing so many and having 2 of them spreading the love to those who could use some lovin'.

Sandra, whose dining room makeover we've featured, sent along some photos of her cats Lulu and Schmoo (who loves tomatoes - seriously???). Cutie patooties!!

And lastly, I thought I'd share a photo I took of my cat Lucky (and Milo) sleeping flat on his back on one of the sections of my sofa that I keep under the window for the cats to perch on. In this photo he is fast asleep and, as someone on Flickr put it, "airing out his boy bits".

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