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Michael Eastman

Michael Eastman's images of the faded grandeur of Cuba give me chills. Noble and forlorn the interiors are decaying time capsules and functioning homes. Don't miss the rest of Eastman's portfolio here.

All images from Michael Eastman Images.


Nicole Apatoff

More and more Kim and I are being drawn to rooms that feature contemporary photographic art works. Nicole Apatoff emailed wanting to share her amazing photography. Her interpretation of modern architecture as well as her sensitive lifestyle depictions mark her as a young photographer to watch. I'm fascinated by her digital tessellation works. Don't forget to visit her Flickr site as well.

All images by Nicole Apatoff.


Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes

I stumbled upon photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes' portfolio recently and discovered some fantastic photos of interiors. The following is my favourite - I am sure the paint technique was done for the purposes of this photo but the more I look at this photo, the more I think this might actually work in the real world. You just better make sure you like the table and accessories!

All photos by Graham Atkins-Hughes

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