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Incorporated - part 1

My twin sister sent me the link to the architecture and design firm of Incorporated, based in New York, and the heart palpitations began the second I started peeking through their residential portfolio. These guys are the shit. Seriously. This apartment they call bohemian, is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. I don't even know where to begin. Its space after space of awe and wonder.  

Let's start with the dining room, and the birch sliding screen. It's a work of art in itself and the perfect backdrop for the rough wood table. And then to mix things up unexpectedly, a couple granny-ish wing chairs. And if that wasn't enough to stop your heart, an Adelman fixture rounds off the space.   

The owners must REALLY love their kids, because there is a playhouse in the middle of the apartment. And it's wrapped in the infamous Cole & Sons Woods to make it look like a tree house. *insert big smile here*

*insert even bigger smile here* This is my dream room. A retro niche to sit back and enjoy a book, swathed in Orla Kiely's multi-stem wallpaper because having such a niche wasn't cool enough. 

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