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River House by Monique Gibson

I. LOVE. THIS. HOUSE. And it all starts with the room above. Dark colours, plants and all windows, with an incredible lounge chair and ottoman. LOVE!!! This entire home is absolutely stunning in white, country chic with touches of Scandinavian and French, and every room is meticulously curated. Hats of to designer Monique Gibson for nailing this one. (Warning: There are some stuffed dead birds - so those who are offended by taxidermy feel free to skip this one)

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Summer vibes

These spaces are so bright and summery. They remind me how much I love sun, warmth and greenery. I wish I could spend every waking moment of summer outdoors. Gawd I resent my office job this time of year. :(

Photos: David Tsay (pic 1 from Emily Henderson's must-have book Styled)


Stalking watering can in hand

Don't get me wrong. I love the styling of this house in Melbourne's waterside suburb of Brighton. I just think a lot of those plants would soon die if I was responsible for watering them on a regular basis. Link here while it lasts.

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Natasha Habermann Studio

New York based interior decorator, stylist and small space guru Natasha Habermann adds flair, whimsy and lotsa chic to her projects with some fun colours, unique vintage furniture and lots of plants and flowers. I adore all of these spaces from her portfolio. 

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Working on a Saturday

It's like I say week after week. If you have to drag yourself into work on a weekend it helps if it's somewhere stylish. The public areas are sophisticated and tailored but it's the work areas with their lighter, brighter palette and walls of creepers that would have me coming in happily on my days off. PDG head office in Melbourne by Studio Tate.

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