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Los Angeles based floral obsessed designer, blogger, stylist Veronica Valencia creates believes every home MUST have something vintage. I love her already. Her major obsessions are flowers, worn leather, brass, anything antique, wood is a must, succulents, naked lightbulbs and more is more when it comes to jewelry. always. Now I love her even more. The spaces she creates are so filled with warmth and joy and positive energy. I could stare at the photo above all day. And I will. Because I dream of warm weather every second of every day. 

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Hello I love you

You know when you see a photograph that stops you in your tracks? You know when you just want to crawl through the computer screen to be in that photograph? You know when you just love what you see? Then you know how I feel about these beautiful shots. By photographer Siren Lauvdal for Elle Decoration.


Green with envy

Love these fab, floral fancies. Envious that they aren't mine. Even more green with envy over the talent of photographer Jeroen van der Spek. Soft, natural light. A little moody, at times mysterious, still, waiting, marking time. Brilliant! Via STILLSTARS.



I absolutely love this house. Every bit of it. This completely renovated home, located in Barcelona, was designed by Egue y Seta. Original wooden beams were restored, and the kitchen (LOVE!) now expands 1/3 of the ground floor. I am totally enamoured with the tumbling block patterned tile that is used throughout the majority of the home - and don't get me started on the tiny hexagon tiles. L O V E !!!!!! (via Micasa

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Two for tea

I thought I'd end off the work week with a funky café designed by Manju Pinnell. It's the Cardamom Pod Vegetarian located in Broadbeach, Queensland. This café is beautiful - full of colour, life, gorgeous furniture and even a "grass" covered banquette! Great job Manju!

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