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Plant wallpaper

Marie Claire Maison

Yesterday I shared a round-up of photos featuring plants as decor. I understand that some people don't have a green thumb and plants aren't really their how about plant wallpaper? Bringing the outdoors in but keeping it inanimate. Because you can't kill wallpaper!

The Jungalow

Ana Donohue Interiors



Architectural Digest France

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Decorating with plants

Urbis Magazine

I adore plants. They are all over my house. I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in, especially when nothing grows outside here for about 6 months of the year. And plants are a fairly inexpensive method of decorating....except when you're like me and kill off 75% of them, and the other 25% get torn to shreds by feral cats in the middle of the night. One day I vow to do a photo series on the plants I have around my house that I have not managed to kill. In the meantime here is a round-up of some pretty awesome spaces decorated with plants.    


The Design Files

Architectural Digest France


kk living

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A converted carriage house

It's not often that I start a house tour from the back door and move my way to the front but I am totally smitten by the sun room at the rear of this converted carriage house in Boston by interior designer Melissa Miranda. Oh my! Oh my! Not that the rest of the house isn't wonderful. White and bright with a mix of mid century, scandi, boho and modern it is fun and fresh and stylish.

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Saratoga Traditional

I wanted to share one more small project by the talented ladies of Studio Revolution. This one may have been a bit of a challenge with one homeowner loving anything french and the other loving their backyard. In the end they brought together lots of greenery against a neutral palette of jute, hides, leather, linens and cashmere with a definite French feel (with a bit of help from Restoration Hardware - I have always had a thing for their Soho Tufted collection).


A villa with a tropical vibe

Unlike Jo I couldn't live further from the tropics, but what better way to bring the tropics indoors than some green walls and huge plants. This home definitively evokes a tropical vibe within a modern shell. I have plant and dining table envy. Interior design by Roelfien Vos

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