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A modern and monochromatic home in Poland

Thank you to architect/stylist/photograher Agnieszka Karaś for sending along these photos she took of a home in Gdańsk, Poland, designed by architect Tomasz Grzybowski of TG Studio. Bright and warm colors, wood accents, fabrics, chrome, glass and crystals - these were the design principles. An important part of the project was also an art. In the guest room the painting of artist Joanna Sarapata is perfectly matched in the niche on the wall that is covered with fabric. The second picture, painted by Tommy Mills, is a composition through which you can go to the hidden bathroom behind the picture. The living room is decorated by the bio fireplace, over which hangs the lamp that is the decorative installation made of glass, designed by TG Studio in collaboration with the Italian manufactory. The remarkable lamp consists of 850 little balls made of transparent glass. Similarly, a large crystal chandelier in the living room, also made to order, contains 1200 crystals that give a beautiful glow and unique atmosphere in the living room. The whole house is illuminated by light in 4000 K color, giving bright colors of light, which imitates natural light, so that bright colors and delicate subtlety fit into the atmosphere and interior mood. The kitchen was made to order by the German brand Siematic, and the appliances was made by brand Gaggenau. In the guest bathroom are featured large-format, black, sintered ceramic slabs with delicate gloss, graphite mirrors and crystalline glass mosaics. Walls on the second floor were created as an original composition designed by TG Studio. A special natural wooden wallpaper, imported from Japan, was used on frames and ceilings. I'm really surprised by the style of this home as it seems a bit cold for Polish climate, and and the fact that the clients wanted colour which I really don't see any of. Also a bit lacking in personality perhaps? 

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House of Ideas

It may have been only existed as an installation for the Lodz Design Festival earlier this month but how amazing would it be if this hauntingly beautiful old house could retain its modern trappings, even better if I could live there. A fantastical world of peeling ceilings and tattered wallpaper as backdrop to cutting edge furniture, striking art and a jungle of indoor plants. This slightly fractured dream of a domain is by Design Alive and you can read more including sources here.

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NAP Żoliborz - an architect's showroom

On Sunday I featured some work by NAP from Poland. They also sent along photos of their architect's showroom and workspace and I am absolutely blown away buy this space. Dark colours, a mix of vintage and modern, original architecture (original window joinery, doors, jambs, wooden floors and layout of the rooms were preserved in the renovation)...it's a style I always gravitate towards. NAP decided to paint the wood floors and stairs dark, and this led to shades of grey, graphite and peach used throughout. All furnishings and accessories are available through their store - a mix of Vitra, DCW Editions, Gubi, Carl Hansen, Tom Dixon with EMU, Fatboy and Fermob in the garden space. 

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Sunday at the racetrack

NAP is based in Poland and creates fabulous home furnishings that can be purchased online and through 6 brick and mortar shops (they also sell some really great brands like Artemide, Lampe Gras, Gubi and Tom Dixon). They recently started dabbling in interior design and their first project was the decor of a racetrack in Warsaw, located in a modernist building built in 1939. In 2 months they outfitted a 3 level, 1500 sq m area consisting of bars, restaurants and lounge areas. Not only are the furnishings gorgeous (NAP, Gubi, Tom Dixon and Zoffana wallpaper), but I love that they dug through archive photos of the building in an attempt to replicate the interiors as they would have been back in the 40's. Art deco design at its finest.  

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Helen's House by Ministry of Interior Affairs

Marcin and Magda Konopka of Polish design firm Ministerstwo Spraw We Wnętrzach (Ministry of Interior Affairs) has sent us photos of one of their latest projects. The other day I featured a "small" apartment in Sweden and was told that 71 m2 is not small by Swedish standards. Okidoki, my last home was 800 sq ft and yep, it was small! In this case though I think I can safely say this is a HUGE house at 300 m2 and no one is going to argue that fact. MSWW has created a warm yet modern home with light oak clad walls and floors, concrete elements, a grey colour scheme, comfy furnishings and some fun lighting. (More of their projects can be found here)

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