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Melki, Smaka and a sewing cafe called Nitka

Cute cute cute cute and squeaky cute! It's retro and colour and giggles and fun. Melki is a Polish furniture line. Redesigned chairs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Smaka Design is a graphics firm while Melki and Smaka are Anita, Dorota and Ɓukasz. Nitka is the sewing cafe where visual identification, production (prints, website and internet store) and, of course, the furniture by Melki and Smaka all came together.


Reader's home - Lucyna's home in Poland

I have a FABULOUS reader's home to share with you today. I adore this one. Dark and dramatic and edgy. And that concrete wall! YESSSSS!

My name is Lucyna Kolodziejska and i am an interior designer from Poland, Gdansk. My web site: www.fabrykawnetrz-fw.pl This is my flat, i live there with my husband Jarek, dog Pele and daughter Nathalie. It is 300 metres by the seaside. I design mostly apartments for private investors, I like to connect old things (etc. doors, old polish oak floor) with new design, also like to connecting very decorative elements with primitive concrete. As you see this in my apartment. (Photos: www.agencjanegatywna.com)

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Mill conversion

A big thanks to Iza who sent us a link to a converted mill in Poland (where famoust Polish writer Stefan Zeromski created one of his major novels). Jo and I are both huge fans of all conversions, particularly churches as we've featured several here before. This mill is pretty sweet, although is totally against all code (here in Canada anyway) with all those raised sections and stairs with no railings. 

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Bookbox loft

The folks at mode:lina, a Polish architectural firm, emailed with another project they completed recently that I had to share (see previous posts here and here).
Our client unconsciously dictated to us the design.
"We love open space and flexible solutions, but we need cosy rooms and privacy as well."
"We love to be noisy; talk loudly while eating, listen to loud music etc. but at the same time J. Is an early bird and I'm a night owl and we are both light sleepers."
"We love and owe a lot of books, clothes, shoes and other cool stuff but but we have only 70 m2."
"Oh, did I mention, that we just can't stand the sound of slamming doors?"
To fulfill all the requirements we decided to divide 70 m2 flat into 4 zones that can be easily opened and closed with sliding doors. This solution provides privacy and acoustic barrier as well as flexibility in use of space. Central zone includes kitchen with dining room and a mysterious black box. The dark cube integrates the wardrobe, small library, working desk and a small kennel. 3 other zones are: living room, walk-in closet, bathroom / bedroom.
Early bird and night owl live in peace.

The cube is brilliant.

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Aleksandra emailed us the other day with the following: "I would like to share with you an apartment project realized in Warsaw, Poland. I have never seen any polish design at your blog and when I found "softbox" I couldn't resist. I had to write to you. It is about 70 square meters apartment, which instead of walls have curtains made from the same material that airbags are made of. Those curtains divide the apartment into bedroom, workroom etc. I think it's interesting and beautiful design. The central part of the apartment, called "hardbox" contains among others the kitchen and bathroom and is custom made out of old furniture. The company which designed it is called Centrala, designers are Kuba Szczesny & Gosia Kuciewicz." I really enjoy featuring creative living spaces on the blog so a big thanks to Aleksandra for wanting to share this one.

Here are more photos of Centrala's work I found on their website.

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