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Sara Niedzwiecka

How about a little eye candy to get you through the day...these stunning photos are the work of photographer Sara Niedzwiecka (who splits her time between Paris and Warsaw. Lots of black and white spaces for those like me who enjoy this combo and the graphic effect it has. YUM.

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I'm eating out

Magda of Polish firm 2kul Interior Design emailed us the other day - it had been a while since she shared some of their work with us (check out this home and these apartments). They work on alot of commercial projects as well, and these are 2 restaurants they completed recently. This first one is a Vegan restaurant in Wrocław called Machina Organika - the tile is gorgeous, and I love the wooden beamed ceiling, adorable wire pendant shades and black painted arches. 

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A little escape

Polish interior designer Lucyna Kołodziejska is at it again, and this time it's her take on a luxury seaside hotel in apartment form. The space is over 100 metres, comprised of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room. Her client uses the space only on weekend or few days in summer. It's on the top floor so there is a view of the sea from the private terrace on the roof. (!!!) Her client wanted to have some seaside elements inside too so she designed the mosaics in the master bathroom and chose the wallpaper and shutters to play off the seaside cottage vibe. Lovely!

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Apartment in Gdansk

Polish interior designer Lucyna Kołodziejska is back with yet another great project (see previous ones here). Her designs are typically contemporary/modern/mid-century but this time there's an Asian flair as her client spends alot of time in the Orient. A melange of styles, some beautiful rugs and my favourite lighting care of Tom Dixon make this a pretty awesome apartment. 

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Another project by Lucyna

Polish interior designer Lucyna Kołodziejska has been somewhat of a regular on DTI, sharing with us all kinds of fun, modern designs for mostly small apartments. This home isn't so small but decorated in typical Lucyna fashion - funky lighting, bold colour palette, murals and graphic wallpapers. And it's got a matching kitty. BONUS!

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