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Song Saa

No words except when is the next flight to Cambodia? Song Saa private island resort.

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Tank thanks

As the temperature rises an Australian's thoughts turns to summer survival. Number one on the list is water. Not to drink but to soak in. Cool cool water. Love this tank pool at the Mount Ninderry House by Sparks Architects. Photography by Roger D'Souza.


Summer sublime

The porch is perfect, the pool area splendid. The kitchen is to die for. While away the summer days in a purpose built little white cottage. It's like being on vacation all year round. This Charleston home has me all hot and bothered. Thank goodness for the pool and the porch! The architect is Heather A Wilson with interior design by Jen Langston.

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Stalking on a Saturday

It's a little bit rock and roll and a little bit disco. It's a little bit wham bam glam and a little bit suburban. It's a whole lot of HDR photography making it hard and brash and bright but I'm sure if the owners actually let me in and I wasn't left to stalk their home online then I think I might just like this Armadale, Melbourne house a whole lot more. Zebra by the pool, chartreuse velvet with marabou in the living areas and starburst mirrors in the kitchen. My favourites? The chandeliers. Who would have thought such an ornate old fashioned chandi would work so well in such a slick kitchen? Link here while it lasts.

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Home is where the art is

Climb the stairs from the bluestone lane way in Richmond, Melbourne. Certainly can't miss the street number. From the ground floor all the way up to the heated pool on the third this modern townhouse is a great example of contemporary inner city style. What would normally leave me screaming for more ... more personality, more layering, more sympathetic photos ... is saved  by what I always love in a home ... more art. Although I am suspicious that this is styled for sale and not an actual home (no fridge in the kitchen) I'm sure we can figure something else to keep the drinks cold when we party on the roof during the open for inspections ;) Link here while it lasts.

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