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The Cloud House

Every cloud has a silver lining ... unless it's the Cloud House in Fitzroy North in Melbourne by McBride Charles Ryan. The Edwardian era facade is left relatively untouched out of respect to the existing streetscape. The old house's original interior has been painted white with a carpet of flowers providing the surprise. Linking the old and the new is a red box, the heart of the home, the kitchen. What opens beyond is a fantastical cloud shaped living area. No silver lining though. Warm timbers cocoon the space. Unexpected, child like but meticulously crafted.

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Fasano Punta del Este

Run away! Run away! Dream of a way to get away. It's Monday and you're chained to your work desk. Take a little time to fantasise about Hotel Fasano Punta del Este in Uruguay. A breathtaking setting for a stylish complex designed by Isay Weinfeld. Whether leaning on the sill of the indoor pool or watching the sun go down with cocktails on the deck I'm sure you can escape through your computer screen for just a little while. No one will notice. I promise.

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refuge pronunciation:/ˈrɛfjuːdʒ/ - a place to hide, have privacy. Synonyms: sanctuary, asylum, retreat, shelter, haven, hideaway. Refuge in Flanders, Belgium by Wim Goes Architectuur.

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The pool pavilion

Dear owners of this pool pavilion guest house by Arquitectura in Canberra, Australia's capital, please do not invite me to stay in your beautiful modern retreat in your lovely shady backyard. I do believe I'd never move out!

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Stalking a weekend getaway

A weekend getaway if you have $2 million spare that is. It is admittedly sitting on 48 acres in the hinterland behind the beautiful beachside resort of Noosa here in Queensland. Yes it is very stylish. It does have a lovely view. The way it seamlessly blends inside and out and tempts you to live most of the year on its decks or by the pool is very appealing. It's just that I'll never be able to afford the price tag. A girl can dream and in those dreams it's a girls weekend away. Champers on the deck at sunset. Link here while it lasts.

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