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A secret garden in Randwick

Not so much a secret garden although you must admit that backyard is a bit of a hidden oasis. No it's a design by Secret Gardens in Sydney's inner suburb of Randwick. Bright and breezy. Like being at a holiday resort 365 days a year.

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House of Folding Planes

I've always had a thing for cacti. A pot or two about the house has been more than satisfactory ... until now. Now I want  a garden just like this by Phoenix, Arizona based landscape architects Colwell Shelor. It may necessitate a move to an arid climate but I can't see that being a problem.

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Urban garden

Inner city living often means that a garden has to be multifunctional. Parking space, entertaining area, a place to relax, a little greenery to counteract the harsh urban landscape. A multifunctional oasis. If you can through in a small pool and a statement orange wall well things just got turned up a notch. Loving this St Kilda, Melbourne courtyard by Eckersley Garden Architecture.

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Pool with terrace and fire

So deceptively simple. A pool, a terrace with fireplace, a minimal fence, a bath and a view over Auckland Harbour. Small but beautifully formed. By Fearon Hay Architects.

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Little Napier Street

Where else but Australia would a home owner sacrifice existing living space when renovating so they can squeeze in a pool in the backyard. This Little Napier Street house in Paddington, Sydney by Bureau SRH combines two historic terrace houses to create a family home where the line between inside and out is blurred and the kids just want to have fun. Happy Australia Day!

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