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Quirky in London

Dare to go bold. This three story Victorian home in London is about as quirky and eclectic as they come. A very random assortment of furnishings and artwork, some creative uses for wallpaper, some really beautiful lighting and an Ikea kitchen within a structure filled with original detail makes me love this. I could spend an weekend here rearranging and dreaming.... Location home available via Shoot Factory

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An artist's home

This, dear readers, pretty much sums up my dream home. Ah mah gawd. It belongs to British artist Rory Dobner and is located in London. It is perfectly random, quirky, eclectic, vintage and fun. It's the type of home I could spend hours in scouring every corner to see what surprises I can find. The only thing I'd change is to make the purple settee and chairs a silver or charcoal grey. Yesssssss. Via Elle Decor España, photos by Montse Garriga.

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Anna Burles of commercial and residential interior design studio StudioAB has a quirky, eclectic style that I absolutely adore (minus her apparent love of taxidermy). The first four photos are of singer Ellie Goulding's central London apartment. Simple yet dramatic and edgy. The next couple of photos are the apartment of an ad exec guy - the taxidermy sheepdg was donated by his owner (a farmer) and given pheasant feathers so he could fly for eternity. Bizarre, but I appreciate the arty randomness of it. 

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Yurt quirk

"Come camping this weekend," she said. "We put up a couple tents in the bottom paddock at the start of summer. Everyone just drops in. All very casual." 

"I'd love to. Do you need me to bring anything? I have a sleeping bag."

"No Jo. We're pretty much set up. Just bring yourself ... and maybe a couple of bottles of Australian red."

East Sussex yurts via locations firm Wilde and Watson.

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The Brit Quirk files

"Do you live here alone?" I yelled back over my shoulder as I fumbled with the door knob. What confronted me was the most outrageous bathroom I think I have ever seen in real life. "Don't worry", I mumbled as I counted the tooth brushes on the sink. We'd struck up a casual conversation in a pub round the corner from my cousin's flat the previous day. As you do. She was a stylist. She had regaled me with tales of her home over a few pints. Did I want to see it? Have a coffee? I wasn't prepared for this. "I suppose you wouldn't mind if I moved in?" I asked shaking the water from my hands as I re-entered the kitchen.

An amazing town house close to Camden Town via locations firm Wilde and Watson.

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