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The dark hues of Maren Ingeborg Gråblomst's Norwegian home 

I have met a bunch of very talented, creative and just all around awesome people on Instagram lately, who have some seriously cool style and have done some wonderful decorating in their homes. I recently decided that it was about damn time I share some of these inspiring homes with you here on the blog. And the first person I wanted to introduce you to is Maren Ingeborg Gråblomst. Her dark, inky hued home is jaw-droppingly fabulous, and she is such a skilled photographer that I envy each and every photo she uploads to her Instagram account @villabetulablog. Trust me when I say you must go follow her immediately. And read her blog Villa Betula too while you're at it. So back to Maren's house. Don't be fooled by the adorable pale pink façade. There is something totally unexpected behind that door!


I'm Norwegian and I live in a hundred-year-old pink house with my husband. Inside it's filled with bold inky dark hues, vintage and low budget solutions. We spend almost all our time here in our living-working mash up – making documentaries (plus short films) and music, and slowly building up a recording studio. I've also started to paint on canvas, which I sell plotted on high-quality canvas. I want to do it more and will expand my "art store" on the blog. One of the reasons for my blog and Instagram is the flow and mindfullness the painting, decorating and photography gives me.
But what's most important to me is probably our music, Gråblomst. We release our second album this spring, and I'm really proud of this production if I can say so?! Life sounds so good, but most days dealing with my mental health problem is my hardest job. My goal is to make these days fewer and fewer, and to use more energy on all the things I enjoy. 


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Glebe House Tour 2016 - part 2

Part 2 of my Glebe House Tour feature.
The study, where pieces of furniture end up that the homeowners cannot agree upon. The desk is a 400 year old Dutch captain's desk that Corinne did want anywhere else in the house. The painting is by John's dad and the rug was given to him by a Uzbekistan General. 

I love it.

This French Rococo settee is from 1790 and was bought in the Hague. It has since been recovered in this stunning brocade fabric. This piece John is not really a fan of. I SURE AM!!!

I was drooling over the details. So much so I got down on my knees and elbows to get this photo. 

This small hallway consists of about 5 doors, so the homeowners thought it would be cheeky to hang art featuring doors (see far left for one of 2 pieces). 

The boys' rooms were off limits because YOU KNOW. BOYS. But their 13 year old daughter's room was totally adorable and photo-ready so I snapped a few. 

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Glebe House Tour 2016 - part 1

A couple of Sundays ago, I had the privilege of a personal tour of one of this year's homes that will be featured in the Glebe House Tour next month. I have been honoured to be a part of this tour for several years now, highlighting a home or two on the blog after meeting with the homeowners and wandering their homes with my camera and husband in tow to take notes and listen carefully while I worry about getting every gorgeous corner captured in photos. I selected this home after viewing a few preview photos and was in awe of its size and the artwork throughout. I hope you enjoy my tour of this home as much as I enjoyed getting to see it personally.  There was so much to capture and to share that I needed two posts to get it all in. This post features the main floor and basement. The second post featured the second floor and exterior. Before I get into this, the tour this year is September 18 from 1-4pm, and if you are around Ottawa on that day you need to go on this tour! Five of the most incredible homes in the Glebe are yours to wander through and drool over. It is so much fun! Tickets can be purchased here

Corinne and her husband John bought this home for their family of 5 about 3 years ago. It was built in 1913 and needed SO much work. It was basically gutted as it needed new electrical, insulation and all that fun stuff (NOT), along with leveling the floor that had a 10" slope (??!!). The original radiators were maintained and the moldings were saved and reused as well.  

The dining table is made of mahogany and is one of many pieces the couple brought back from the Netherlands, where they lived for over 20 years. The large painting is by a friend named Lou Korte (I apologize if I get any names wrong). 

The light fixtures throughout the house are a contemporary/traditional blend and really suit the homeowners' style. Almost all of them have a sparkle factor which I love. 

The vase is Murano glass brought back from the Murano factory in Italy. *GASP*

There were beautiful flower arrangements throughout the house. Bonus homeowner points. :) 

The painting in the living room is by Bonnie Brooks, and another fabulous light fixture!

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A reader's home for sale in Illinois

Bettina's home in River Forest, Illinois is for sale and she sent us a link of the listing. OMG! This home is a stunner and there's so many rooms to decorate! My dream! Here are some details: it's over 5,000 sq ft on 3 floors, 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, original 1880's woodwork, high ceilings, FOUR fireplaces (!!!), kitchenette on 3rd floor, 2 car garage with room above....

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Reader's home - Scott's new pad in Tel Aviv

In May of 2012 I featured the Tel Aviv apartment of Scott of Talmon Design. He recently got in touch with us and shared some photos of his new apartment. With a bit of a different vibe and colour palette this time around, it is a cool mix of modern and vintage and some pieces that have since been reupholstered. Thanks for sharing Scott!

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