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No-show Mo

Jo and I received an email from Mo about her fabulous 1200 sq ft 1921 home that she painted top to bottom all on her own. With most things from Pier 1 and Target, I think she's done a great job on a budget, which, contrary to alot of the photos we post, the majority of people have. So congrats on all the hard work Mo!


Reader's homes

Jo and I always encourage our readers to send in photos of their homes. We love to see how people have decorated their personal spaces and in posting them hope it inspires others. Plus, sometimes we get tired of hunting for amazing photos to post :) So I was delighted when Vera emailed me with a link to photos of her apartment on Flickr. In her words "I live in a super bright studio apartment. I painted the main room bright yellow, the lobby bright orange and the kitchen bright green. My furniture is very colorful too and the whole place looks like a toy house." If you love colour, then here's some inspiration for ya.

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