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What? More stalking?

Stalking a warehouse down a private lane in Sydney's Waterloo. Industrial and a touch of Mediterranean. Check out the copper in the kitchen. Link here while it lasts.

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Christmas reading guide 2012 - part 3

I love this time of year ... especially if I am working. The roads are quieter, the trains empty. People are still full of the holiday spirit. If I don't go near the post christmas sales then everything is peaceful. A lovely lull in a busy world. Plenty of time to surf the net and find more inspiration.













Christmas reading guide 2012 - part 2

Part 2 of our annual blog reading guide. What to expect this time? Lots of room porn and decor lolly of course. Time to drop down the rabbit hole and explore. Think of me as you are having fun with hopefully new to you blogs ... I'm back to work. No rest for the wicked ;)













Christmas reading guide 2012 - part 1

Oh my I'm full! Full of christmas food and christmas booze and christmas cheer. I hope your holiday season is everything you want and if what you want, like me, is a little quiet time in these mad fab days the pull up a chair, a glass of your favourite tipple and lose yourself in some beautiful blogs. Just click on the logos and off you go.














New finds reading guide

my latest finds ... Indian wood blocks

Time to settle in. Time to surf the net. Time to share "new to me" blogs. Yes it's time for a DTI reading guide. There is so much to explore. I hope you have the time :)