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easter reading guide - part two

Aaarrrrggghhh! I have eaten too many chocolate bunnies! But I can never have too many new blogs! You know the drill. Maybe new to you, maybe new to me but all a treasure trove of design inspiration. Time for our next installment of easter blog loving.












easter reading guide - part one

Welcome! Welcome! welcome! New blogs to you, newblogs to me. Let's explore. Let's be inspired. Let's share the love. Crack open the first chocolate bunny of the season and start reading. (If you are like me that will be your second chocolate bunny ... or third.)












Sharing the love reading guide

It is, of course, Valentine's Day on Tuesday and what better way to celebrate than to share the blog love. Settle in and enjoy all the pretties you'll find as you gobble up our latest reading guide. Pass the box of chocolates please.














Reading Guide part 1.4

Finally the finish line is in sight! The last of our featured blogs for 2011. I have loved sharing all these wonderful sites. Almost 100 ... yes 100 (actually 98 but who's quibbling ;) blogs and tumblrs to explore and enjoy. Ok are we settled in? Are we ready for our last whip around the blogosphere? Let's go!











Reading guide part 1.3

I've developed an addiction to christmas cake. This is worrying. I can't seem to boil the kettle without reaching for the cake tin. Help! And I never thought that I would ever say that if I see another piece of leftover ham I think I will become a pig. I don't mean an over eater. I mean the animal. My new year's resolutions will have to include lots of exercise. Time to sit back, boil that kettle and try not to reach for the cake. It's blog time!