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Reading guide part 1.3

I've developed an addiction to christmas cake. This is worrying. I can't seem to boil the kettle without reaching for the cake tin. Help! And I never thought that I would ever say that if I see another piece of leftover ham I think I will become a pig. I don't mean an over eater. I mean the animal. My new year's resolutions will have to include lots of exercise. Time to sit back, boil that kettle and try not to reach for the cake. It's blog time!












Reading guide part 1.2

Wednesday already? At least I think it is. I have completely lost track of what day it is during this holiday break. One thing I do know is that there is something for everyone in today's blogs. Enjoy!













Christmas reading guide part 1.1

Ready for your next installment of blogs? I hope you are because I have so many more to share. Today has been a lazy day of visiting friends and cleaning up the last bits and pieces left over from too much fun on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. I have little gold stars everywhere! Last time I sprinkle my tables with them. It's a bit like glitter ... pretty but impossible to clean up properly. I'm sure I'll be chuckling (or cursing) as I still find stars in strange places at Easter time. Enjoy today's blogs!













Christmas reading guide part 1.0

Welcome to what is now a tradition on Desire to Inspire. If you are not madly braving the post-Christmas sales or lining up for an epic Boxing Day leftovers rematch (I honestly don't know if I can face ham again) then settle in with your beverage of choice and explore the wonderful world of design blogs. Hopefully you'll find some new favourites.












P.S. Do yourself a favour and view colors of life in archive. It's a toss up whether it will blow your computer or your mind first.


Just because reading guide

It's the weekend. The rat race has finished for the week. Things are winding down. Relax. Chill. Take some "me" time. Lose yourself in some great blogs!