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I'm busy having fun reading guide


Hi! Just dropping in quickly to pop up a reading guide. I'm running around like a crazy thing this weekend having fun. There are friends to see, thrifting to do, the painter has started (!!!), new business plans are hatching, my design mojo is back and I'm prepping for a dinner party tonight. Standing rib roast for the carnivores and a pumpkin, sage and caramelised onion bread and butter pudding for the lone vegetarian (we'll fight her for it though). Hope your weekend is as fabulous as mine. Enjoy the reading guide!









It's raining, it's pouring reading guide

A rainy day Saturday. It's getting dark outside. I can hear the strumming of raindrops on my iron roof. My bone dry garden is sighing in relief as water runs down my hill. A glass of red wine in my hand and spaghetti sauce bubbling on the stove. Think it's time for a quick blog surf before dinner. Life is kinda fine in my corner of the world. Keep safe. See you soon.











The "nothing is happening with my house renovation" reading guide

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Nothing is happening on the reno front. My painter is delayed another 5 weeks. Lucky I'm a patient woman. (That sound you just heard was my husband choking with laughter.) I'm sure there is a chair to glue, a cupboard to strip, a painting to frame and a slipcover to sew but today is so beautiful and sunny I'm not going to lift a hammer, push a paintbrush or even dust a shelf. I'm taking me time. Perhaps some shopping in my favourite local shops? Maybe a bit of blog surfing? Bliss.











Easter Reading Guide 4

Almost there! Last day of reading guides and thank goodness because my chocolate stash is almost gone. Painting is stalled as I head out to lunch with friends. There is definitely a Scandinavian bent with todays blog list. Not all though .... just to keep it mixed up. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the last of your long weekend.











Easter Reading Guide 3

Oh dear me! Unbutton my jeans. I have had a little TOO much chocolate (and hot cross buns). My kitchen painting is rambling along. I realise now why professionals get paid good money to paint walls. But now I've started I'll struggle on. You can have a laugh at how pitifully inadequate my painting skills are on my page but if you're sensible you'll ignore my painting adventures and instead head off to visit new blogs. Here is the third installment of our Easter reading guide. Enjoy!











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