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Easter Reading Guide 2

Time for part two of our easter reading guides! I'm covered in black paint but thankfully the floor isn't. Don't worry it is just the cupboards and not the whole room ... yet :) I know you'll enjoy these next lot of blogs. Don't you just love blog surfing? It's like making new friends. Back to work for me and off to discover new blogs for you. Hope your Easter weekend is going swimmingly and that you are keeping up your chocolate consumption. Most important you know!













Easter Reading Guide 1

In what is now a holiday tradition here on Desire to Inspire it's time for four days of reading guides. Settle in with a a cup of tea, a glass of wine, a hot cross bun or an early raid on the easter eggs and go blog surfing. I am off to paint my kitchen cupboards. I can't take the dirty blue colour anymore and I certainly can't afford a new kitchen. The painter is coming soon but the kitchen isn't on his list. So while you're enjoying lots of new blogs I'll be trying to avoid spilling black paint ... oops gave too much information away then. Photos to come.












The "whatever you call the day after Boxing Day" reading guide 

Aaarrrggghhh! It's raining. Not just today. Not just yesterday, not just last week. For as long as I can remember? It's flooding all over the state and there are more days of incessant rain to come. I guess there is nothing to do but blog surf. Some of these I have visited forever and others are brand new to me but all will keep you entertained. Go say hello!












Boxing Day reading guide

Thank goodness that is over! I think I ate too much. Hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends, a good nap on the sofa, didn't eat too much like I did (ha!) and are all relaxed and ready for a reading guide. Settle in. I hear ginger tea is good for over-indulging so maybe a pot to keep you company? Enjoy! (Knitted nativity scene via Scott Weston ... rolls off the tongue doesn't it? "Knitted nativity.")













Missed it by that much ... reading guide

... yet!

Settlement on my new old house was 3pm yesterday. At 9 in the morning the bank called to say they needed more paperwork. I'll keep the story short. Running around, visits to our solicitor (more money), running to the bank and our end was finished by lunch for paperwork the bank had accepted 2 weeks earlier and had raised no concerns until 5 hours before crunch time. Wonderful said the bank as we dropped in said vital paperwork. Keys were to be dropped at my husband's office in our new city after settlement. We would pick them up this morning. I sent an email to Kim whinging but happy it was all finished and settled in with a stiff drink. Then the voicemail on our mobile phone. After end of business trading. No keys until Monday because settlement was late! The bank was late! And we didn't find out until after everyone had gone home for the weekend. Buying a house, don't you love it! Thank goodness we hadn't booked the removalists until next weekend. So here is my "missed it by that much" reading list. Enjoy! Oh and Kim, you can see what I got up to here ... or should that be hear ;)