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Crab Shack

Something about restaurant and retail design has been pulling me in lately. Inspiration can be found everywhere. It seems I'm still not over the recycled, chippy paint boards trend. The Crab Shack (New Zealand) by HBO+EMTB via the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

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Stalking shipping containers

I've been stalking houses in Sydney and Melbourne lately. Perhaps I've been a bit of a snob. I've ignored my own backyard here in Brisbane. So when I finally started stalking the local streets again on the weekend I found this amazing shipping container house in the riverside suburb of Graceville. We've featured shipping container conversions on Desire to Inspire before (like this guest house and a commercial space in Brazil) but this takes the use of containers to another level. Three levels in fact. Four bedrooms, four bathrooms, extensive open plan living area and a level of finish that belies the industrial origin of the building blocks. The link to the real estate listing is here and you'll find an interview with the builder/designer Todd Miller from Ziegler Build here.

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Upcycled boudoir

Hanging pallet bed, shutter wall, workbench vanity. Simple upcycling adds another layer to this showcase room by Barasona Design.

(Truth be told I have an obsession with collecting images of pallet beds like collecting church conversions. A decorating tic perhaps.)


Playing favourites

One of my favourite features in the latest issue of Inside Out was this Boerum Hill home. Old and new, found and repurposed, gentle and unpretentious. Interiors were a collaboration between the owner and Nightwood. I found these lovely photos on their website and had to share.

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Shipping pallets and containers. An outdoors art space temporarily created for the 2012 Brisbane Festival.  A performance and exhibition space where the building materials were borrowed from sponsors and returned at the end of the festival. Now I'm not suggesting for you to "borrow" pallets to define spaces within your backyard but what a cool idea. Designed by Brisbane architects A-CH (Atelier Chen Hung).

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