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When virtual is almost real

It's over a year ago that Kim featured the work of Russian architecture and design firm INT2 architecture and they just keep getting better and better. Actually there is only one thing to fault in this amazing Moscow townhouse. It's not real. It's a rendering. Part Scandinavian, part mid century, all computer generated ... until it's built. The colour blocking is blowing my mind. I can't wait for virtual to be made real.

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I almost convinced myself. "It's real. It's so fabulous it has to be real." You see we don't feature 3D rendering on the blog. No the rooms in our posts are real. They're built. Bricks and mortar. "This has to be real," I argued to myself. "I really love it." Imagine living in a grunge/industrial/masculine/raw but rich interior. Yes imagine is what we have to do. A fabulous small loft space ... almost. Design and renderings by Minsk based Nordes.

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