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I'm eating out

Magda of Polish firm 2kul Interior Design emailed us the other day - it had been a while since she shared some of their work with us (check out this home and these apartments). They work on alot of commercial projects as well, and these are 2 restaurants they completed recently. This first one is a Vegan restaurant in Wrocław called Machina Organika - the tile is gorgeous, and I love the wooden beamed ceiling, adorable wire pendant shades and black painted arches. 

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Oh deer!

Are you over the deer trend yet? I thought I was. Then I saw this. Majestic beast! From the portfolio of stylist Lyndell Miller. Lyndell is a food stylist (try not to lick the screen when you are over on her website) but she also has a fabulous portfolio of cafe/restaurant images. That's where I found Mr Deer oh dear!


Saturday morning coffee

A ritual. A habit. An obsession. Saturday morning coffee. Do you jostle for a seat or grab a takeaway? Place your order. Flick through a well thumbed newspaper while you wait.  A quick pit stop or a more of a linger? You tell yourself it's all about the coffee but the coffee bar is important too. It's got to be cool, a little edgy, small because it's your little secret. A serious case of coffee bar love when it comes to the work of Melbourne based design studio Larritt-Evans.

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Hello yellow

Guaranteed to put as much pep in your stride as the caffeine you're about to down. A slap in the face dose of yellow at Hams & Bacon at Pope Joan designed by Figure Ground. Can you imagine this in a domestic kitchen, a bathroom? Wow!


Getting inspiration down at the pub

We don't always feature hospitality design on Desire to Inspire but when there are so many ideas that can translate easily to a smaller, more intimate domestic space then we just have to share. I'm dipping into the portfolio of Sydney design firm Alexander & CO again. Their design for The Sunset Room at Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel is as beautiful as it is functional. Coastal chic mixed with the found and the vintage all with a limited palette layered with texture. Colour provided by flowers and foliage in bright green demijohns draws the eye from space to space. Talk about getting inspiration down at the pub.

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